Windows 10 Gets Another New Patch, For Internet Explorer

The updates probably have stopped for the year, but the patches keep coming! Microsoft have just launched another new patch for the preview version of Windows 10.

Only this time, the intention is to fix an issue with IE.

This is the second security update to arrive this week for the upcoming OS, following what was called the November Update for Windows 10. While the previous refresh addressed a BSOD issue that some users were reporting, this one has to do with the Flash Player on Internet Explorer.

As Gabriel Aul reveals in a tweet:

Going by the name of KB3018943, this patch can be downloaded on your Internet Explorer 10 machines via the integrated Windows Update option.

And it’s a lightweight download too — coming in at just 8.5MB in size.

Seeing that this patch specifically addresses a found issue with Internet Explorer, there is a chance that the vulnerability might be exploited in the wild. As such, it’s a good idea to download and deploy this fix on all your Windows 10 installations.

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