Windows 10 Features: Multiple Desktops

Next up in Windows 10 features is another important new addition, multiple desktops. The Linux ecosystem has had them for a while now, and now we have the Microsoft implementation.

A Microsoft implementation that is going to take productivity through the roof.

People wanted more emphasis from Microsoft on desktops, and the company responds with multiple desktops. While third-party solutions allowed this possibility on Windows, this time we are getting them by default, and that’s pretty nice.

This key addition to the platform allows users the ability to better manage the apps that they are running, and organize their work in a more effective, streamlined fashion.

They work, as you would expect them to work — multiple desktops:

Windows 10 Features: Multiple Desktops

These can be controlled by a new button on the taskbar, or using the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut, which no longer now works only as an application switcher, but also as desktop switcher.

Microsoft is going in with all bases covered, it seems.

And although there is no word on how many such virtual desktops Microsoft plans to allow, screenshots have shown at least 5. This figure might increase by the time Windows 10 hits retail.

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