Windows 10 Codecs

Welcome to the Windows 10 Codecs page. On this page, you’ll find the best codecs that are available for Windows 10. Before we get started, let’s answer the obvious question.

What is a Codec?

So another common question I get asked is “what is a Windows Codec?” Well here’s the best way to explain this for those who don’t know.

A codec is a piece of software that handles large multimedia files efficiently to enable you to play and record them.

Windows 10 codecs

You see the thing is, multimedia files typically contain large amounts of data. We use codecs to compress that data and make the file sizes more manageable.

In addition, codecs allow large music files to be shrunk so they can be transported across the internet.

Professional estimates are that without codecs, our music and movie files would be 5 to 10 times larger.

There are a lot of codecs out there in the wild and it’s not a one size fits all type deal.

There are codecs for audio and video compression, for streaming media over the Internet, videoconferencing, playing mp3’s, speech, or screen capture.

Some codec examples are MP3, WMA, RealVideo, RealAudio, DivX, and XviD. The challenge is, the internet’s a big place and there are a lot of codecs to get and use.

Just like Windows 10 Drivers, Windows 10 Codecs are really important.

Windows Media Player used to handle a lot of codecs for Windows users behind the scenes but now that Windows 10 is coming, there will be more standardization about how it uses and chooses codecs.

Windows 10 Codecs

(1) Windows 10 Codec Pack

Windows 10 Code Pack

Windows 10 Codec Pack has been developed to make installation of primary filters, plug-ins, and splitters a more straightforward task. It supports almost every compression and file type used by modern video and audio files. The program is easy to install and provides advance options for high-end users. 

(2) K-Lite Video Codec Packs 

 K-Lite Video Codec Packs

K-Lite Video Codec Packs is one of the best codecs available for Windows. It uses a direct show filter to play almost every file format available. The best part is, it gets frequently updated by its developers. K-Lite comes in four different packages- BasicStandardFull, and Mega Packs. It is quite popular because of its interactive user interface. 

(3) X Codec Pack

X Codec Pack

X Codec Pack is another excellent features-full codec program for Windows 10. It also supports every accessible file format and extension. Although it is not regularly updated, it still has a good collection of codecs, filters, and splitters.

(4) Shark007 Video Codec packs 

 Shark007 Video Codec packs

Shark007 Video Codec packs provide you two options to choose from that includes – the Shark007 Standard Codec and Advanced codec packs. 

The best feature of the Shark007 Codec is, it provides an option to Windows 10 users to own separate accounts with their customized settings.

Shark007 codec pack supports XviD, FLAC, MPC, Y4M, RMVB, FLV, MKV, OGG, EVO, OFR, DivX, OGM, M4B, and more.

(5) Media Player Video Codec Packs 

Media Player Video Codec Packs

The Media Player Video Codec Pack supports the 4K audio and video streaming. It is an excellent codec for average and heavy users. Like other codec packs in the list, it also supports all the major file formats and extensions. It provides two installation options – ‘easy installation’ and ‘expert installation.’

It might not be easy to operate for a beginner.


These are the most popular Windows 10 codec. They come handy while handling the audio or video files of different formats and extensions. However, nowadays the players like VLC Media Player, are capable enough to do such a task. There is no need for additional codec software if you are just a light user.

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