5 Features which make Windows 10 better than Windows 7

So, you finally decided to upgrade your system from Windows 7 to Windows 10, because you want a fresh look for your system. Or maybe, you were forced to do so since Microsoft has officially ended the support for Windows 7 from January 15th, 2020.

Whatever the reason is, now your device is running on Windows 10 and you might be wondering, what does this version offer better than my old Windows 7?

Let us list some of them out.

1. Start Menu  

Start Menu Comparison Windows 7 vs Windows 10

Windows 7 comes with traditional Start Menu, like the previous versions such as Windows XP and Windows 98. It is minimalistic, simple and easy to understand. 

However, Windows 10 Start Menu comes with advance options like Live Tiles. It also provides the user with an option to customize Start Menu by changing its color and set those applications, which you want to appear on the tiles. 

The search bar that comes with Windows 10 is more advanced than the search bar of the Windows 7 start menu. Whenever you enter any search query, Windows 10 search bar will not only provide the local results, but it will also suggest the results from the web. This feature is absent from the Windows 7 search bar. 

2. Cortana


Cortana is your personal digital assistant for Windows 10. Though it was launched with Windows 8.1, it got improved and more advanced in Windows 10. It is like the voice assistant of Apple’s OS, Siri. It can do many tasks for you such as: 

  • Setting a reminder or alarm 
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Reading out the mail for you 
  • Search for the application you want to launch 
  • Can give weather updates if asked
  • Draft an email or a message
  • Perform conversions and calculations
  • Web search any query

Cortona was not supported on Windows 7, so this is one of the things, which you will find purely new if you have directly switched to Windows 10 from Windows 7.

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3. Easier Multitasking 

Multitasking in WIndows 10

Though multitasking is always accessible on Windows Operating Systems, Windows 10 has made it more comfortable to perform. Aero Snap now offers both half-monitor and quarter-monitor sizes when you move a Window to one portion of the Desktop. It will additionally offer other open Windows to accumulate an open space automatically.

Apart from adjusting the multiple Windows on the desktop screen for multi-tasking, Windows 10 offers a great option of multiple Desktops. You can now divide your tasks on multiple screens for better understanding.

4. Frequent Update

Update Option of Windows 10

Although it may be annoying for some users, Microsoft provides frequent updates for Windows 10. You can’t just ignore the updates in Windows 10 for long because it doesn’t let you do so. While the

Windows 7 only got one major update in its whole lifetime, Windows 10 gets 2 major updates every year, the last one was in November 2019. These frequent updates may be annoying, but with the rise of digital threats, they are much important for security purposes.

5. Security

Windows Hello Feature

Speaking of security, Windows 10 is the best Microsoft OS in terms of that. Microsoft has made security the major priority in Windows 10. With frequent updates, the new security patches are also installed in the user’s systems. Some security features of Windows 10 include:

  • Windows Defender: Unlike previous versions, it is more secured and now considered one of the best antivirus programs. Microsoft frequently updates it for handling the latest threats. 
  • Windows Hello: It is the facial recognition application that can unlock your device using the webcam. It can also be applied to many official Windows 10 applications. 
  • Familiar Picture options give an extra layer of security and make hard to hack into the system.
  • The PIN allows you to unlock your device quickly with 4- or 6-digits PIN  

An important point for you to know is that, if you upgrade yourself from Windows 7 to Windows 10, your settings and saved passwords will also be automatically synced. Provided you use the same login details. 

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Bonus: Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store

Like Google’s Play Store for Android and Apple’s App Store for its devices, Microsoft likewise launched the Microsoft Store for its Windows devices. It is available on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, but not on Windows 7.

It provides lots of utility applications and games that could be directly installed on your Windows system, without downloading them from third-party stores. Popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc. can be downloaded straight to your device from Microsoft Store.

Final Words

Windows 7 indeed was one of the best versions of the Windows Operating System. However, now is the right time for you to move on from it if you haven’t already. Although Microsoft has officially discontinued the free upgrading process for Windows 10 from your current version, there are still some ways to do so.

In a world where different threats are constantly emerging, it is better to upgrade yourself to a more secure and updated version of Windows. 

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3 thoughts on “5 Features which make Windows 10 better than Windows 7”

    • Me neither.

      Windows 7 menu was much simpler and dynamic; in fact I am using software to bring it back. No advantage in the search bar also, never used it.

      Security from Mcafee and other third parties is much better.

      Windows updates mean ever 6 months I get an unexpected bug and have to redo configurations (such as using Acrobat and chrome by default, and not wishing to save my documents in the *****y folders like “my documents, my images etc” that ultimately stay in the same hard drive as windows and will disappear if I upgrade or need to format.
      It also means I often must waste time and resources re-activating software licensmces I have bought and own because something is amiss in Win Registry or somewhere else in the system.

      Windows store means cheaper (and I mean CHEAP) editions of some software like Winzip and Itunes are not compatible to the NOT-CHEAP ones or cannot be licences when you pay the more complete versions sold OUT of the store.

      MOVING BACK TO Mac OS soon.

  1. 1. Start Menu – Ugly as ****

    2. Cortana – Useless

    3. Easier Multitasking – I haven’t noticed any difference.

    4. Frequent Update – Yeah, how’s that working out for you? How many files have you lost?

    5. Security – The only thing on this list that MIGHT be better.


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