New Windows 10 Acrylic Design – Too Beautiful to be True?

Last year in October, Microsoft revealed the first look and introduction of their new Operating System, Windows 10X. It is the extended version of the Windows 10 Operating System, which is specially designed for the dual-screen and foldable devices, like Microsoft’s Surface Neo. 

When its early pictures came out, Windows 10X created a lot of buzz due to its fluent design.

Although it is still in the developing phase, the designers have already started to develop amazing concept arts for Windows 10 using the features of Windows 10X.  

Recently, a designer named vGLAD on twitter has imagined and created an amazing Windows 10 concept art, which is highly inspired by Windows 10X. 

The concept reimagined how Loading Screen, Start Menu, App Icons, and Weather App of Windows 10X, will look in Windows 10.

The design looks quite refreshing and soothing on the screen, especially the Start Menu. It is simple yet elegant, with basic options such as a Search Bar, Tasks, Pinned Application, and Recent Application. It is directly taken from the Windows 10X.

Windows 10 Concept Art Start Menu

If you look closely, you will find that even Taskbar is changed. The search bar and Talk to Cortana switch is absent.

Windows 10 Concept Art Taskbar

The Application Loading Screen looks great and fits well with the overall theme of the system. The designer has introduced the new splash screen concept in it with Microsoft’s logo at the top.

Windows 10 Concept Art App Loading Screen

Weather App which is shown in this concept looks different from the regular Weather App we see in Windows 10. It has acrylic effect matching with the overall theme.

Windows 10 Concept Art Weather App

Take a look at the video that designer has uploaded of Opening a Weather App. Animations are so subtle that you’ll fall in love with it.

Overall, this concept art is a treat for the eyes. The designer has amazingly used the acrylic and transparency effects to make the theme look simple yet beautiful.

Although it is quite unlikely that something like this will be implemented by Microsoft, we will love to have this art coming alive on our Windows 10 screen.

3 thoughts on “New Windows 10 Acrylic Design – Too Beautiful to be True?”

  1. THAT is what Windows SHOULD look like (current year argument coming up) in 2020. Now if there were a dark/night time/eye friendly version I’ll be so happy to use this and on that note? How? When? Where?

  2. Does anyone remember Windows 7 and earlier, back when Microsoft was aware that there are more colors than white and gray?


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