Windows 10 21H1 Details Leaked (Major Update of 2021

Microsoft is ready with the Windows 10 20H1 feature update, which is expected to release at the end of May. And like 2019’s 1909 update, the second feature update of 2020, that is, Windows 10 20H2 would be low-key and won’t introduce any significant upgrade or feature. 

We are yet to get updated with 20H1, but the buzz has already begun for the Windows 10 21H1 feature update, which is scheduled for the first half of 2021. All thanks to Microsoft itself. 

In a blog post for Windows Subsystem for Linux, the company has accidentally(or intentionally?) revealed the details of the first major update for the year 2021. The leak also includes the code name of the update – Windows 10 21H1 Iron(Fe)

However, later on, the blog was edited, and the details of 21H1 were omitted. Here is the screenshot of the original blog post taken from the Web Archive.

Microsoft Blog Archive

The post also reveals that the Fast Ring, the Windows Insider testing team, is currently testing the Windows 10 20H2 codenamed as Manganese (Mn). They are expected to switch to 21H1 or Iron(Fe) branch in the coming June month.

Now that Windows 21H1 is officially confirmed, the rumor that it would introduce a new start menu might also be true.

A few months back, Microsoft teased a new Start Menu for Windows 10 through a Windows Insider Podcast. This Start Menu is supposed to cut-off the live tiles feature that most of the Windows 10 users were annoyed with.

The Start Menu would be based on Acrylic Theme with fewer distractions and accent colors. 

This new UI of Start Menu is rumored to release with 21H1 update because 20H1 is prepared for release, and 20H2 is believed to introduce only minor changes, and certainly, the updated look of Start Menu is not a minor change.

Since in the leaked information, it is mentioned that the Fast Ring would get access to the 21H1 OS branch, it would be interesting to know whether they would get to see the new Start Menu or not.

Well, 2021 is still a long way; currently, you must focus on the upcoming major update of the year 2020 – the Windows 10 2004 or Windows 10 20H1. It is expected to bring some essential updates and introductions to improve your system performance.

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  1. the start menu looks nuts, presume what is shown here is only a trailer. if not, it won’t win many Oscars. Just like the current visual assault on the senses.
    All I want is to be immediately delivered to my desktop.


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