Windows 10 21H1 Details Leaked (Major Update of 2021

Microsoft has released the Windows 10 20H1 feature update at the end of May 2020. And like 2019’s 1909 update, the second feature update of 2020, that is, Windows 10 20H2 would be low-key and won’t introduce any significant upgrade or feature. 

We are yet to get updated with 20H2, but the buzz has already begun for the Windows 10 21H1 feature update, which is scheduled for the first half of 2021. All thanks to Windows 10 insider build 20190, which was released on August 12, 2020. 

Let’s take a look at what new Microsoft has to offer in the future update.

Better Graphics Settings for Multiple GPU

new graphics settings

If your system is equipped with multiple GPU, then Windows 10 21H1 update would provide you a much better setting to control them. This graphic setting would let you select a default high-performance GPU. Moreover, you will also have the option to choose the specific GPU for a particular application. For example, if one of your GPU is more advanced than others, you can assign the advanced GPU to run the high-end games and apps. In contrast, other GPU can handle low-end apps.

New Icons

New Icons

You will get to experience the new stylish icons, specially prepared to match Microsoft’s new icon theme. Various icons such as Settings, snip & sketch, Windows Security, and more have been updated that look much better with the light and dark theme of the Windows 10 Start Menu tiles added in the Windows 10 2004 update.

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DNS Configuration in the Settings App

From the Windows 10 21H1 version, you will find the DNS configuration settings on the Windows 10 Settings app. In the current version, you need to visit the Control Panel to access that setting.

System wise Secure DNS over HTTPS(DoH)

DNS over the HTTPS boost online privacy and security by encrypting the DNS lookups. In Windows 10, it is currently supported by all modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.


With the 21H1 update, Microsoft will be providing the option to enable DNS over the HTTPS(DoH) system-wide to all Windows 10 applications. This will ensure your system with more security while performing online activities like playing a multiplayer game online.

Linux GPU Compute and Improvements in WSL

On Windows systems, the developers who need to run Linux software use Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL). In the 21H1 update, Microsoft will include Linux GPU compute support in the Windows 10.

With that, WSL will support NVIDIA CUDA for NVIDIA hardware and DirectML for AMD & Intel hardware.

Further, Microsoft is also making installation and up-gradation of the WSL quite straightforward. From Windows 10 version 20H1, you won’t require to enable operating system components first. You just have to run a single wsl.exe –install command on the command line to install the WSL on your system.

Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL

For updating Linux kernel to the latest version, run wsl.exe –update command. For knowing the current Linux kernel version run wsl.exe –update –status command. You can also roll back to the previous Linux kernel version if you are having trouble in the current version. For that run wsl.exe –update –rollback command.

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Linux Files in File Explorer

Linux Files-in File Explorer

Another great upgrade for a Linux developer. Microsoft is now integrating the Linux files in the Files Explorer. You will see a Linux icon on the sidebar of the File Explorer. Clicking on the Linux would open the Linux files.

Improvised Sound Device Settings

Default Sound Devices

From next year’s major update, Windows 10 will improve Sound Device settings. First of all, Microsoft is giving a traditional Control Panel touch to it. Secondly, there is an option that includes reaching the per-app sound output screen. On this screen, you may configure the default speaker and microphone for each application. 

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Architecture Included in the Task Manager

Architecture in Task Manager

The Windows Task Manager will be upgraded to show the architecture of all the running apps and processes. To enable this information: 

  1. Click over to the “Details” tab in the Task Manager. 
  2. Right-click the headers in the list and click “Select Columns.”
  3. Enable the “Architecture” checkbox and click “OK.”
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Windows will tell you What’s new in the Update

Whats New in Tips

After you install the latest version of Windows 10, Windows will now tell you the significant changes in the new update and more tips on utilizing them.

This is a huge relief for the users who wonders what new they get in this version after every major update.

Bottom Line

Apart from these significant tweaks, there are more usual security updates and bug fixes. Since about nine more months are remaining before Microsoft would release Windows 10 21H1, we can expect more features to be added in the list.

Also, one more thing to keep in mind, these features are just in the Insider builds and currently in the testing phase. There is no guarantee from Microsoft or anyone that these would be included in the final stable version. We never know some of these may even appear in the Windows 10 20H2 scheduled to be released in November 2019. Or maybe some of those may appear on the versions later then 21H1.

We will keep updating the list every time we get to know about a new feature inclusion. So, it is recommended to bookmark this page for future reference.

Have you updated your system to Windows 10 2004 or not? It has brought some essential updates and introductions to improve your system performance.

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