Windows 10 2004 New Features List

Microsoft is again ready to release one of its two feature updates for Windows 10 of the year 2020. It is named as Windows 10 2004 or 20H1. This would be the ninth major update of the Windows 10 operating system, which will be loaded with new features to improve the security and overall productivity.

Windows 10 2004 will be available to download and install from April 2020. However, many have already gotten their hands on its preview through the Windows Insider Program.

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Windows 10 Version 2004 Features

In this guide, we will highlight the main features that appeared in the preview. Let us discuss them. 

(Note: These features are listed from the Windows Insider Preview version, some features may still be missing in the final update.)

Start Menu

With this latest update, the Start Menu has got an upgrading. Whenever you open the Start Menu, you will get a new list known as “Start typing to search,” which contains three items Web, Apps, and Documents. It means that you can just start typing the name of any app, document, or something you want to search on the internet, the result will be shown there. 

Start Menu

Virtual Desktops

In the previous updates, Microsoft has continuously worked on improving the Virtual Desktops feature of Windows 10. From this update onwards, if you are using multiple desktops, you can now click on the header of any of them and specify a custom name to each of them. 

Virtual Desktop can be renamed

You can also right-click on the virtual desktop whose name you want to change, and you will get an option of rename in the context menu.

Virtual Desktop can be renamed 2

Lock Screen

In the current and previous variants of Windows 10, while you are entering Safe Mode, you still require your password to get entry, instead of entering the PIN. Now with Windows 10 2004, you can enter Safe Mode by entering the PIN. This allows you to disable the passwords entirely from the Windows 10. 

Another improvement is, whenever you change the profile picture, it will get updated quickly across all platforms where you are using your Microsoft account. 


Windows 10 2004 comes with the all-new Cortana application. It will now be available in a more conversational, chat-based interface, where the user can type or speak to the assistant. However, there is a significant drawback too. Cortana will now not be able to control the music, smart home control, and other third-party apps. However, productive skills such as opening or sending a mail, setting a reminder are improved. Now you can even join and set-up a meeting through Cortana.

Cortana Features in Windows 10 Version 2004

Tablet Mode

As a part of this latest feature update, Microsoft is launching the Tablet Mode of the Windows 10 operating system. This mode is primarily for the two-in-one convertible devices. By entering in the tablet mode, the desktop is adjusted automatically to provide more touch support. The spacing is increased between the taskbar icons; the search box in the taskbar is converted into an icon. Whenever a text field is touched, the touch keyboard is invoked automatically.

Tablet Mode in Windows 10 May 2020 Update

Task Manager

Task Manager is now updated to show detailed Hardware information. It provides an option to monitor the GPU temperature of the dedicated GPUs. If your device has multiple hard drives, the task manager can now show the drive type (HDD or SDD).

Windows 10 20H1 Update Task Manager Feature

Another minor change is in the Details tab. Whenever you right-click on any process, Provide Feedback option will now available after the End Task and End Process Tree options. Currently, it is available between the two. 

Update and Recovery Settings

There is an essential update under the Update settings. You can limit bandwidth usage while downloading an update. This limit could be set in numbers rather than a percentage. This option comes in handy when you are connected to a limited data network.

Delivery Optimization Limiting Bandwidth

Under the Recovery option, you will find that now you can reinstall or repair Windows from the cloud. Previously you had only two options either download an ISO file or create a bootable device to install a fresh Windows 10 on your system. 

Windows 10 2004 Cloud Download while Repair

Bluetooth and connected devices

Windows 10 is already swift in detecting the compatible Bluetooth devices and send a notification to pair to them. Now, this process will be more straightforward by providing an option to connect to the Bluetooth devices directly from the notification. You don’t need to open the settings app separately. 


Text Cursor Settings

In this latest update, you will now find a new setting under Ease of Access by the name Text cursor. After turning ON the text cursor indicator, it will enable you to adjust its size and color. It is up to you to enable or disable the text cursor.

Windows 10 20H1 Update Features Text Cursor


Starting from Windows 10 2004, Notepad is now available on Microsoft Store. Therefore, now it doesn’t depend on Windows updates to get upgraded.

Notepad New Features

Notepad now has the ability to restore the unsaved content. Its ‘Find’ feature is also more advanced now. Line numbers are also displayed by enabling word-wrap. 

Snip and Sketch

Microsoft has now disabled its screen grabbing application Snipping Tool in Windows 10. With the latest update, Windows has improvised the Snip & Sketch tool for taking the screenshots more efficiently. Now it is available in single Window mode. 

Snip and Sketch Tool Improvement in New Update

Microsoft Defender

This is another significant change. Windows 10 inbuilt security program, Windows Defender will now be known as Microsoft Defender. It may be because Microsoft is planning to launch this security program for cross-platform devices beyond the Windows operating system.

Microsoft Defender

Windows Search Improvement

Windows search has now become more intelligent. It can detect and correct the small typos in search queries, which previously it can’t.

Improved Windows Search in 20H1 Update

It will also show better suggestions now when you type something on the search bar.

Action Center and Notifications

The new Windows 10 update has also refined the notification settings. Now you can disable the notification for that particular app or open app’s notification settings right from the notification banner.


Windows is also providing the option to disable the post-update settings suggestion. 

Changes in Settings 

With the latest update, Microsoft has made several changes in the Settings Window. The header is updated with a new message “Get even more out of Windows.” It contains options to set OneDrive, link your phone, enable Timeline, and more.

Settings New Feature in Windows 10 May 2020 Update


To make it more usable, the App Volume and device preferences in the Sound settings is getting some minor interface changes.

Sounds Interface


Now you have an option to control the cursor speed right in the Mouse settings. Earlier, you have this option in Control Panel.

Mouse Cursor Speed in Settings


Status Window is also getting minor upgrading. You now have quick access to change the settings and fresh view of active connections. The amount of data consumed is now displayed on Status.

Network Status Minor Changes

Language Settings

The new language setting Window is improvised to make it easier to understand the language settings in Windows.

In the revamped version of Language Window, you will now observe an overview segment lets you promptly know which languages are configured as default for their “Windows display,” “Apps & websites,” “Regional format,” “Keyboard,” and “Speech.”

Windows 10 May 2020 Update Language Settings

If you want to change something, just click any of the options since they are actionable.

Dictation support for more languages

Until the last update, it has only been possible to use your voice to write on Windows in English (United States), but this ability is extending significantly in this update. Microsoft has appended several new supported languages: English (Australia), English (India), English (Canada), English (UK), French (France), French (Canada), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil), and Chinese (Simplified, China). Dictation can be turned on with a keyboard shortcut (Windows + H), and it will use whatever keyboard language you’re currently using, as long as it’s supported.


The Narrator settings Window is also getting updated with new settings to change how the capitalized text is read. The new options include, “Don’t announce,” “Increase pitch,” and “Say cap.” Under the “Change what you hear when reading and interacting” section, you’ll also find an option to allow experimental features using Outlook.



The Backup setting received a minor change. It now includes a reference to Backup your files on the cloud through OneDrive.


The troubleshooter Window now doesn’t contain the list of troubleshooters that you can apply for fixing Windows 10.


However, they haven’t been removed. Instead, they are now shifted to another page by the name –Additional troubleshooters.

Additional Troubleshooters

Disk Cleanup

Windows 10 2004 Disk Cleanup will now no longer include the option to empty the Downloads folder.

Optional Features

Along with several other settings, Windows 10 2004 update will also contain an updated Optional Features option. It has now become more advanced and usable by providing an alternative to select and install multiple optional features at the same time.

Add Optional Features in Windows 10 20H1 Update

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