What’s the Best Antivirus Product for Windows 10 Users?

Windows security continues to be an issue for all users, and choosing an antivirus solution is a minefield in itself.

Fortunately, the folks at AV-Test have found some winners in their first extensive test of protection software running on Windows 10.

The scores were broken down between threat detection, app performance and usability, with four products managing perfect scores.

The test results recommend the following as top dogs when it comes to keeping your PC safe from viruses, malware and other threats:

  • Avira Antivirus Pro.
  • BitDefender Internet Security.
  • Kaspersky Lab Internet Security.
  • Symantec Norton Security.

At the bottom of the test, rating below Microsoft’s own Defender product were Threat Track and Quick Heal. We’d suggest users of those products look for something better.

Given that Norton used to be a pain to uninstall, we wonder if the usability tests went that far. Or, perhaps, the company has improved its performance in recent versions.

You can find the results alongside the Home User section, Windows 10 tab on the AV-Test page, under October 2015 results.

The independent German test company should have the results of its Business Windows Client soon for those upgrading their business IT to Windows 10.

6 thoughts on “What’s the Best Antivirus Product for Windows 10 Users?”

  1. Not a fan of either Avira or Symantec. Norton is very difficult to uninstall so no thank you and Avira is weak in my opinion. BitDefender and Kaspersky are great options.

    • I’ve used Avira in the past and was happy with it. I also heard good things about the others except Norton who I wouldn’t use in a million years no matter how good they say it works.

  2. Thanks for the article / link. I’ve been a fan of Panda. Check out its specs. Excellent and then some – and check the details section, too.

  3. I use and love IObit software for my computer security needs. Not a resource HOG like Norton and so many other security software. BitDefender was a hog and also hard to uninstall. I feel sorry for non tech savy individuals. IObit is easy to install and and maintain. I’ve used Avira (poor coverage).


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