We Tested Windows 10X: What’s New in it?

Microsoft is almost ready with its new OS, Windows 10X  – a new operating system from Microsoft, which is codenamed Santorini. It was basically built for the dual-screen foldable devices like Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Neo. However, now it is revealed that Windows 10X would come to the single screen devices first.

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Windows 10X can be said as the light and more advanced version of Windows 10 OS. It is built on the latest modern Windows variant know as “Windows Core OS.” Since it is created with the latest technologies, Windows 10X does not support the traditional Win32 applications like Chrome browser or anything like that.

However, in future updates, the legacy apps support will be enabled, and the Win32 applications would, by default, run in a secure container. It means that those applications would not affect the system performance while they are closed.

To inform you about the features of the Windows 10X in detail, we installed it on our device and tested its features. It is essential to mention that it is NOT the next version of Windows 10. You would not get it in the future Windows 10 feature updates. Windows 10X is altogether a separate OS.

Let us breakdown its notable features and discover what’s new in Windows 10X.

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Window 10X Features

The Startup Screen

When you first install the Windows 10X OS on your device, it will welcome you with a new startup screen style. You can choose how you would like to set it up, i.e., for personal or organizational use.

Windows 10X Startup

One thing you will notice that, as of now, there is no option to create a local account on Windows 10X. You either have to log in with your existing Microsoft account or create a new one if you don’t already have any.

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Start Menu

When you click on the Start button, i.e., Windows icon, it will launch the Start Menu. The Start Menu is changed entirely. It is not technically the ‘Menu’ anymore, but a sort of launcher, just like the Android app launcher.

Windows 10X Start Menu

Like Windows 10, you won’t find live tiles in the Start Menu of Windows 10X. Further, you can reposition the app icons as per your preference. The Start Menu launcher also shows the Recent Activities at the bottom so that users can quickly jump to the recent tasks they were working on.

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The taskbar on Windows 10X is positioned at the bottom of the screen, just like the Windows 10. However, it is totally different. You can access the Start Menu and pin your apps on the Windows 10X taskbar. 

Windows 10X taskbar
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Search Bar

Unlike Windows 10, the search bar of Windows 10X is present on the top of the Start Menu and not on the taskbar. Users can use the search bar to search for the latest news, device apps, and more.

Windows 10X Search Bar
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App Settings

Windows 10X comes with dedicated app settings. You can access the settings of any application by right-clicking on it and select Settings. 

Windows 10X dedicated App settings

As far as multitasking is concerned, Windows 10X is lacking in it. Like Windows 10, you cannot open and fit multiple apps windows on the Windows 10X screen. There can be only two screens side by side.

Windows 10X muti screen

Also, whenever you open any application on Windows 10X, it, by default, opens in fullscreen mode, and there is no option to reduce the size of the window. This is exactly like the Android apps.

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Action Center

Windows 10X comes with an all-new Action Center, which is more advanced and action-packed than Windows 10. You can quickly access the notifications and settings right from the Action Center. 

Windows 10X Action Centre

Like Windows 10’s Action Center, you will get the option to configure swiftly Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, flight mode, location, etc. Other than that, you also get few more options exclusively on Windows 10X like Rotation lock, VPN, Wired Display, Compose Mode, Do not Disturb, and more. There is a new volume control feature too. The power options are also shifted from the Start Menu to the Action Center.

File Explorer

Now coming to the File Explorer. The File Explorer of the Windows 10X is basic in style but quite different from the traditional Windows OS ones. All your local files are automatically synced with the OneDrive, and there is no option to stop it.

Windows 10X File Explorer

Like Windows 10, you won’t have access to the system partitions. When you open the MS Office documents on Windows 10X, they will be opened in the web browser since Win32 apps are unsupported.

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Enhanced Security

On Windows 10, there are no restrictions on the users to access the OS files, and users can easily do that by navigating to the partition where it is installed. So, if the system somehow gets hijacked, the hackers can also easily access the OS files and infect them with malware.

Windows 10X Security

On the other hand, in Windows 10X, unlike Windows 10, the Operating System files are locked, and users cannot access them in anyways. This reduces the chances of any malware attack on the OS and thus makes it more secure. Like Windows 10, the Windows 10X also comes with an in-built security program.

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Install Sites as App

Currently, Windows 10X doesn’t support the win32 apps, but you can use popular sites like YouTube and Spotify as the apps. Visit the site from the browser and navigate to Settings->Apps->Install this site as an app

Windows 10X Install Web Apps
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Bottom Line

At first use, the Windows 10X seems nice and elegant with advanced touch gestures. You also get the option to set the dynamic wallpapers; the default collection is quite good. The first impression also clarifies that Windows 10X is not built for traditional laptops and desktops. Most of its features will give you Android OS vibes, so it won’t be surprising that Microsoft might consider launching it for tabs and even smartphones, though it was initially meant for the modern dual-screen devices.

As a Windows 10 user, I just wish Microsoft could implement a few of its features in Windows 10 too, like the feature-full Action Center, elegant UI, the modern taskbar, app launch animation, and more.

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  1. I’ve been able to install it. but Windows 10X is very Slow to respond.
    Installed on Hyper-V on a Xeon X3470 Windows server 2019.

    But still cool to see it alive 🙂


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