Best Weather Apps for Windows 10

Have you ever looked forward to a nice day at the park only to be disappointed with a downpour? How about wearing layers of clothing expecting to have a chilly day only to sweat during lunch because the temperature suddenly went up?

Weather is quite fickle and making sure that you are prepared throughout the day should be an essential part of your morning routine. Moreover, planning ahead for trips or even just going out on a Friday night requires foresight on the general climate during the days ahead.

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The Microsoft Store Online is overflowing with Windows 10 weather applications. You have your pick from no-nonsense applications to full-featured ones. But, which one is right for you?

Here are our ten best weather apps for Windows 10.

1. AccuWeather


AccuWeather is a popular weather website with a free Windows 10 app. It delivers the latest forecast and news about the weather. Updates download every 15 minutes with new information about the weather in the next 15 days all in 33 languages. If you are living in Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, you can even receive push notifications straight to your phone.

It displays all relevant information in a clean interface which includes location, time, temperature, wind speed and direction, and amount of precipitation. Also, you can see visibility, humidity, pressure, and even AM/PM times for sunrise and sunset.

A notable feature is AccuWeather MinuteCast which features precipitation forecasts every minute for the next two hours localized to your exact street or GPS location. This is a handy feature that allows you to prepare for the day ahead. However, note that it is only available in limited locations such as contiguous United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Japan, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and more..

2. MSN Weather

msn weather

MSN Weather is another popular weather forecast portal with an amazing Windows 10 app. Its clean interface makes it easy to see information right away. The application highlights local forecast including current conditions, hourly breakdown, 10-day extended forecast, and more.

You can also get weather patterns using monthly weather updates. Moreover, the animated weather maps include temperature, cloud, and radar forecast imagery, and satellite. This free app can also notify you of severe weather conditions so you can monitor local weather conditions.

Users with Microsoft Account can log in and synchronize their preferences and settings across multiple Windows 10 devices. MSN Weather also includes a news section which keeps you updated with weather headlines.

3. Rain Gauge

rain gauge

Rain Gauge features a simple and attractive interface which shows rainfall every five minutes for the next three hours in your locations. It also features extended weather forecast including hourly and daily conditions. You can even be up-to-date all the time using live tiles features.

Moreover, the app features a zoomable radar view which includes rain condition support for users located in Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Denmark. You do not even have to open Rain Gauge to know when it is about to rain. You can set up rain alerts that will show a message when it is going to rain.

4. The Weather Network

the weather network

The Weather Network allows you to have forecast information right at your fingertips through its Windows 10 app. It features weather information at a glance which includes conditions within the next hour, the next 36 hours, the next week, and the next 14 days. Details include wind speed, humidity, visibility, and precipitation.

You can use the radar map to track precipitation and cloud cover. It will allow you to be a step ahead of any incoming storms. The news section also features relevant local news aside from detailed weather updates. If you are a driver, you are going to love the Beat the Traffic feature that displays traffic conditions in major roads so you’ll know when to leave for work.

5. Appy Weather

appy weather

Appy Weather features one of the cleanest designs of most apps in this list. Navigation in the app is a breeze using a modern design. Aside from the usual numbers, the forecast is delivered using familiar language which makes it feel more personal. Key features include the forecast for the day, the next day, and the upcoming weekend which makes it handy for planning weekend trips.

The usual details include rain, wind speed and direction, humidity, and even dew point. The hourly forecast is presented in clean graphs which makes it easy to stay ahead of the weather at a glance. Appy Weather also features light and dark mode.

6. Perfect Weather Universal

perfect weather universal

Perfect Weather Universal is a lightweight application that shows the current weather forecast and the next nine days using beautiful landscape graphics. It also features sunset, sunrise, moonset, and moonrise. The application also includes the length of the day, moon phase, wind, and pressure. It also features details in 26 languages and multiple live tiles to track various locations.

7. Forecast


Forecast is for those who love tracking weather in various locations. It features a detailed weather forecast for millions of places around the world. Temperature, wind speed and direction, precipitation, relative humidity, dew point, and barometer are just a few of the details available in the application. You can also see hourly and weekly weather conditions in clean and easy-to-understand graphs. Each detail fully integrates with fluid and modern design. The interface is customizable using solid colors, gradients, and images. Or, have a different photo every day with Image of the Day from Bing.

8. Prognoza


Prognoza is a no-nonsense weather application that offers quick weather forecast. You have two options to check the weather, by turning on your location services and typing in your city.  It features sleek live tiles and lock screen interface which means you do not have to open the application to get updates. It makes it even easier by making the background image reflect the current weather condition. Aside from the current weather, you can access hourly and daily forecast for planning your day.

9. 8-bit Weather

8bit weather

8-bit Weather is perfect for those who want something different. It combines the nostalgic feel of pixelated graphics which are very reminiscent of video games in the ’80s and ’90s together with weather updates. The application allows hourly updates as well as a seven-day weather forecast. The 8-bit animation changes with the weather from sunny summer days to snowy winter nights. Checking the weather using the application is definitely an adventure.

10. Strawberry Weather

strawberry weather

Strawberry Weather claims to be the lightest and most battery-friendly weather app. With only 2% battery usage even with GPS and 30-minute updates, it is perfect for mobile devices running Windows 10. The interface comes in beautiful solid colors which follow the fluid design making it suitable in any device. It features a minute-by-minute forecast within the next hour. Aside from the usual features and weather information, it can also notify you with government weather alerts.

Final Thoughts

The best weather app depends on your needs. The apps above are just a few of the many weather apps in Windows 10. Is your favorite app not on the list? Let us know on the comment section below!

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