Volume Booster for Windows 10: Here’s How to make it Louder

We don’t all have an external speaker lying around. So what do we do then? Well, we tend to boost the sound using players like VLC or GOM. I mean we always use these to help boost the sounds but what happens when we’re on YouTube or Spotify?

Well, if you ask me I wasn’t really satisfied with the sound output of my laptop. I expected a lot from it. But I guess it’s a common problem that people face.

Even Sound Mixer has been replaced in Windows 10. But don’t worry, I’ll be giving you the exact solution to all your problems and just how you can boost speaker volume in windows 10 and make it louder.

Boost Sound with Realtek Drivers Properties

This beautiful trick is mainly for Realtek Drivers. But it should work on other drivers too. Yes! I said it should, so it has a possibility of not working too. Oh, remember to update the Realtek Driver you are using.

  • Firstly, Go to the Start menu and search for Control Panel. Click on the first result to open it.
  • After that go to Hardware and Sound. Once you’re in look for the Sound After you have found it click on it to open the Sound settings.
sound properties
  • Next, in the settings go to the Playback You’ll see Speakers. Right-click on it and go to the Properties option.
  • After that, you’ll see an Enhancement tab, go to it and check the option Loudness Equalization.
  • Click Apply>OK.

After you have enabled it you will see a tremendous amount of improvement in the volume. The maximum volume should be around 150% compared to the old system. And if you want things to get back as they were, just change the settings the same way and save it.

7 Best Volume Boosters for Windows 10

1. FX Audio Enhancer

FX Sound Booster, which was previously known as DFX Audio Enhancer is the Ultimate volume booster for your PC. The software helps in boosting the volume of your PC. The software provides you with all the control to enhance the volume in any way.

On the other hand, it’s super easy to use the interface. So, you don’t have to worry about it being too complicated to handle.

FX Audio Enhancer

If you want to want to know about the features, well it includes harmonic Fidelity restoration, Ambience Stereo imaging, dynamic gain boosting and much more.

The booster will eliminate any muffled sound decreasing the distortion level. It will also help in increasing loudness and will correct the diminished stereo depth. Wow! That’s a lot of features. So, when you’ll install it you’ll get a nice and clear rich Audio experience that you so desired.

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2. Bongiovi DPS

This is another cool Volume booster for windows 10. You’ll be amazed by the output it gives. The audio engineers have created Bongiovi DPS solely as an ultimate Volume booster. The sound experience is really the best.

The software has many features along with enhancing the audio experience of headphones and earphones! So, it’s not only limited to your speakers. It would also allow you to enable automatic sound mixing, reconditioning the sound of internet audio streams and much more. And the best part is you can download the software for free!

3. Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Now do whatever you like with Breakaway audio enhancer. This one will help you do it all. Whether you’re playing a game or listening to music or streaming on the internet this one will help you boost the volume to a good level. It doesn’t matter what player you’re using it will always maintain the consistency and quality of the audio after enhancing the volume.

The interface is really attractive and full of features. It can provide an automatic adjustment of volume providing you with boom you dreamed of. There just one problem with this one. It’s not free. Though it will give a 30-day free trial, after that, you have to buy the product. You get the whole package for only $29.95 only.

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4. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

Fidelizer is another tool that you can use to boost your volume in Windows 10. The software gives the audio tasks top priority. It will also improve latency stability. It mainly reduces the priority of a non-audio system and focuses mainly on the audio tasks just to make sure that they give their 100%. It’s compatible with all the online tools. But you have to buy it in order to use all the features. The cost is only $4.95.


5. Letasoft Sound Booster

It’s an amazing software which will help you boost the volume to its maximum. Sometimes there’s an issue with specific files or audios that they seem to produce lower sound than usual. In that case, this is the perfect solution. It’s loaded with lots of features. You can get the 14-day trial version but if you have to buy the product for $19.95 later.

Letasoft Sound Booster

6. SoundPimp Audio Enhancer

It’s one of the best audio enhancers you can ever find. Oh! The amazing result it gives is really extraordinary. It provides a 3D like the experience of a wonderful audio output. Though it’s only designed for loudspeakers only so you better make sure not to turn it on while you’re on headphones. Because that will not end well.

Nevertheless, it’s pretty good software which cancels cross talks. It will make two speakers work manually so that would make the volume turn out great. But the thing I that it costs a bit high. $52 dollar to be exact.

SoundPimp Audio Enhancer

7. Free Video Volume Booster

If you want an incredible sound experience when you’re watching a movie or any other video than you should probably get this. Free Video volume booster will boost any kind of sound of the video file. And it’s pretty easy to use. You just have to start the video and increase the volume to X decibels. And to top it up it supports a large number of video formats. SO, it’s a jackpot for you.

Free Video Volume Booster

So these were all the ways you can boost the volume of your PC on Windows 10. If you have a Realtek driver try using the method, but if it doesn’t work for you can always switch to the Volume boosters for help. So, enjoy the features while you can.

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  1. Gobsmacked; something simple and straightforward that actually worked ! Had to search “Control Panel”, but Win10 admitted that it knew where it was and even let me go there and find Enhancements tab. Set all equalizer sliders to the top, and boom, just like you said ! Thank you very much !

  2. This is not a fix, its a half ass patch, screwing with the booster brakes other sounds fully, for example, skype gets so loud it blows ear drums, causing you to still have to jump all over with the sound levels.


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