VLC For Windows Is Now Finally A Truly Universal App

VLC for Windows has seen its share of ups and downs, but the developer VideoLAN have final managed to what they initially set out to do. Create a modern solution for all modern versions of Windows.

Which means it works across all versions of Windows — Windows 8.1, Windows Phone and Windows 10. The application has just been updated for the two versions of the operating system, desktop and mobile, and with it, the long wait comes to an end.

Thomas Nigro, the lead developer behind the application announced the good news.

He explains that they are currently sharing about 80% of the XAML code, and more than 95% of the C# code between the different projects.

This is, of course, is how universal applications work, providing the same core experience across all devices for users. This unified code base, also allows developers to provide updates, add new features and fix bugs for multiple platforms at the same time.

Thomas also mentions that the new version fixes hundreds of reported and discovered bugs.

And although they lack a few features like DLNA support and the ability to change covers, but they will surely stage a comeback in a future update to the popular multimedia app.

Download VLC for Windows Phone | Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

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  1. Use to really like VLC but all the promises for Windows 8 then 8.1, the off again and on again made me move on to using something else. They cried Wolf way to may times for me!


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