How to view Data Usage in Windows 10

Computers and the internet have taken over the operation of almost everything today. Be it entertainment or professional utilization, the consumption of data has become indispensable nowadays.

Hence, managing consumption has eventually become crucial, in order to track or channelize it. That goes not only for the smartphones and tablets but also the computers. And today, let’s have a look at viewing the data usage in Windows 10.

Windows 8 came with a data monitor but counted only the data consumed by Windows Store apps. But then, due to the increasing forms of internet acquisition every day, the need for checking the overall data usage has become unavoidable.

So Microsoft has worked in some data-monitoring tools for the users to view the data usage in Windows 10.

Moreover, the speeds of the internet connections and the quality of the contents uploaded to it, has increased dramatically, over time. This makes us use the internet in large amounts without minding the expansion of data usage.

If at all, you have the limited data plan, then this expansion of data usage will surely slow down your connection, at some point. So it’s always good to monitor your network usage.

Therefore, Window 10 users can stay in control of their data consumption by checking out their data usage. The following steps will help you to check the data usage easily, via three different methods.

Check your Data Usage in Windows 10

Method 1: From the Settings

  • Use the Windows key + I from your keyboard, to open the Settings

Check Data Usage Method-1-1

  • Select Network & Internet. Usually, the same option will be named as Network & Wireless in smartphones.

Check Data Usage Method-1-2

  • Select Data usage. The data usage details from the Wi-fi and Ethernet connections will be shown below the Overview.

Check Data Usage Method-1-3

  • To view the data consumed by every individual application in detail, click the View usage per app, below the usage chart.

Check Data Usage Method-1-4

And this will help you to identify, which are the apps that consume more amount of your internet. The user of phone or tablet, with mobile data, is provided with an option to set a data usage cap, will help you by giving the alert when you nearly used up the internet.

Method 2: From the Task Manager

  • Right-click on the taskbar, then select the Task Manager.

Check Data Usage Method-2-1

  • Now, a smaller version of the Task Manager will appear on the screen. Here select the More details option on the bottom left corner of the window.

Check Data Usage Method-2-2

  • Now you can view a list of tabs below the menus in the window. Here, select the App history It will show you the data used by the apps installed.

Check Data Usage Method-2-3

Method 3: With PowerShell

  • Tap on the Windows Key, and type PowerShell and click on it.

Check Data Usage Method-3-1

  • Use the command Get-NetAdapterStatistics to display the data usage information from all the apps on the network adapter.

Check Data Usage Method-3-2

Want to Reduce Data Usage?

These are the ways to view the data usage. If you want, you could even reduce the data usage of the apps, by turning off the background activities. Here is a guide to turn off the background apps. Select Settings> Privacy> Background apps. A list of apps will appear and you can turn off any individual app by switching the button next to it, to Off.

Reduce Data Usage 1

Moreover, data usage in Windows 10 can also be controlled by disabling unnecessary syncing. To avoid this problem: Go to Settings> Accounts> Sync your settings and switch Sync settings to Off.

Reduce Data Usage 2

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