How to Schedule Computer to turn on Automatically

Wouldn’t it be cool if your computer would just turn on its own? I mean think of it, some of you may have jobs that require you to work in the morning or in a very particular time. So when you’re freshening up in the morning or busy doing something else, your computer will turn on automatically relieving you from all the troubles.

How to Turn-On Windows Automatically?

But how can schedule the computer to turn on automatically? Why don’t we find out right now?

Method 1: Schedule Auto On with BIOS

If you want to automatically turn on your computer at a particular time of day, you have to go into your BIOS settings. For doing this, you have to:

  • Firstly, boot up your computer and then, go to your BIOS setup. It’s pretty easy; you just have to press the DELETE key OR F2 when your computer boots. You’ll usually see your computer to saying to Press DEL or something similar like that to enter BIOS setup.
  • Once you’re in the BIOS setup use arrow keys to navigate to the Power Options. In the Power Options, there is a function for turning your computer on automatically at a specific time. It’s usually called Resume By RTC Alarm, but can be different in your case. Unfortunately, there are some BIOS that don’t support this feature.

Turn on Computer Automatically Bios

  • When you’ll find that setting, just set the time you want your computer to turn on every day. Save it and then exit the BIOS. That’s it! You’re ready to go. Now your computer will follow that schedule every day.

Method 2: Schedule Auto On with Task Scheduler

There could be a chance that your BIOS just don’t support the feature. In that case, there’s another way to make it listen to you. But the feature is only available in sleep mode. For doing this, you have to:

  • Firstly, go to the Task Scheduler. The fastest way to this is to search for Task Scheduler from the Start button.

Turn on Computer Automatically 1

  • Once you’re in, click Action and then, click Create Task.

Turn on Computer Automatically 2

  • You could name it Wake or something else in the General tab. It’s your choice but remember the name. Then choose Run whether user is logged on or not, and tick the box of Run with highest priority.

Turn on Computer Automatically 3

  • ·After that, go to the Triggers tab and click New.

Turn on Computer Automatically 4

  • Set the task to begin On a Schedule and then choose daily, and the specific time you want it to wake up. Once you’re done doing that, click OK.

Turn on Computer Automatically 5

  • Next, is the Actions tab, go to it and click New.

Turn on Computer Automatically 6

  • Here, you have to set the action to Start a program and browse to your cmd.exe in program/script box. Then type /c “exit” in the Add arguments box. After that, click OK.

Turn on Computer Automatically 7

  • Finally, go to the Conditions tab and make sure that the option Wake the computer to run this task is checked. After checking it click OK, then enter the password of your Microsoft account and done.

Turn on Computer Automatically 8

Your computer will wake up from sleep mode at the scheduled time from now on! See, it was pretty easy.

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