5 Ways to Turn off Laptop Screen Lid

Do you want to turn off your laptop’s screen without putting it into sleep mode? If you own a laptop with Windows 10, then there are some easy ways to turn off your laptop screen without any extra work.

Though, desktop computers have a specific button to turn on and off the screen or display. It usually saves a lot of power as the screen is one of the power sinks of a laptop. So, turning it off when you’re not using it will save up a lot of battery power.

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But unfortunately, very few laptops have this feature to turn off the screen just with a button. But you can easily configure your power button to act like that. So, only by pressing the power button your laptop’s screen would turn on and off.

Though, there are dozens of apps available for you to help you turn off the laptop’s screen.

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Ways to Turn Off Laptop Screen Lid

1. Turn off Windows 10 Laptop Screen using Power Button

By default pressing the power button would shut down your laptop. So, you need to configure it to turn off the laptop screen when you press it. But make sure that it won’t go into sleep mode. So, just follow the steps below to do it.

Step-1: Firstly, go to Settings. Then look for System and goto Power & sleep. Once you find it click it. Look for Additional power settings in the Related settings section. And click it. You’ll see a Power Options window afterwards.

Turn Off Laptop Screen Lid 1-1

Step-2: Here, look for Choose what the powers buttons do, in the left panel and click it. You will open up the System Settings window.

Turn Off Laptop Screen Lid 1-2

Step-3: After that, in the Power and sleep buttons and lid settings, you can configure what Windows 10 should do when you press the power button. Go to When I press the power button option, and select Turn off the display for both on battery and plugged in.

Turn Off Laptop Screen Lid 1-3

Step-5: After that, click Save changes. And that’s it.

After this whenever you press the power button it will just turn off the screen. And then pushing it again will turn it on!

But if you want to force shut down the laptop you just have to press and hold it for a few seconds until the laptops shut down.

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2. Turn off Laptop Screen with Turn Off Screen Script

Turn Off Screen Script

Turn off Screen is a script file that you can use to turn off the display pretty easily. You can download it from the Microsoft TechNet repository.

Once you download the bat file, just double-click, on it, and the screen will turn off. Yes, it’s as easy as it gets. Though, you’ll see a command prompt window for a few seconds before the screen goes off.

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3. Turn off Display with Turn Off Monitor

Turn Off Monitor - 5 Ways to Turn Off Laptop Screen

Turn off Monitor is another program that will allow you to turn off your display easily. You can do it using a keyboard shortcut or just by clicking it. The best part is that the program comes with a portable version so, you won’t have to install it on your laptop.

You can pin it to the taskbar to have easy access to it. Or just assign a hotkey and press it to turn off the monitor. It doesn’t have any interface or even settings. Just click it for it to do its work.

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4. Turn off Windows Laptop Screen with ScreenOff

ScreenOff Tool - Turn Off Laptop Screen Lid

ScreenOff is another one of its kind that will turn off the screen without putting the laptop to sleep. It’s a lightweight, only 13KB freeware that will let you turn off your Windows laptop monitor screen in a click.

This program will use SendMessage Visual Basic code to send the system; this command will be for to turn off the display. On the other hand, this tool is portable so, it won’t require any unnecessary installation process.

You just need to download the zip file, extract all its contents. Then move the folder to your Program Folder. And that’s it. But pinning the shortcut of ScreenOff.exe to your Start Screen or Taskbar would make things easier for you.

Just click on the icon whenever you want to turn it off and voila your laptop’s screen is turned off.

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5. Use DisplayOff to Turn off Laptop Display

DisplayOff - Ways to Turn Off Screen

DisplayOff is another excellent tool for you to try out. Using this one is pure as the rest of them. It’s free of cost, and you can turn off the display with ease.

Just download the program and run it. Just like Turn Off Monitor program without any interface at all.

So, these were the five ways you can turn off a laptop’s screen without putting it to sleep. Give them a try and make your life easier than ever.

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  1. Turning the screen off/on using method 1 is simple enough but how does one turn the screen back on after turning it off using the other methods?


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