How To Trim Videos in Windows 10

To trim videos on Windows 10, you do not necessarily need third party software. It can accomplished using the native features. We will guide you through video trimming process without any additional installation of program.

Sometimes, the videos you download contain the introduction or conclusion part, which does not add value to you. Though not a big turn-off, you can easily remove these parts without using a third-party app. Every time you want to enjoy a video or share it with your friends, you can trim the parts that matter to them and send them instantly. 

Let’s see how you can trim videos in Windows 10.

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1. Trim Video using Movies & TV App

The movies & TV app is also useful for trimming a video. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: To open a video using the app, Right-click on the video, and select the ‘Open with‘ option.

Step 2: On the drop-down menu click on the ‘Movies & TV‘  application.

How to Trim videos in Windows 10

Step 3: Upon opening the video, locate the Pencil icon at the bottom right section of the screen as shown :

Pencil-tool in Movies and TV app

Step 4: Click on the Pencil icon and select the ‘Trim‘ option from the pull-up menu that appears.


Step 5: Move the sliders along the time progress bar to mark the length to be trimmed. 


Step 6: Press ENTER  and Click the ‘Save a Copy‘  button at the top.


Step 7: This opens File Explorer’s ‘Save As‘  window. Specify a file name and click the ‘Save‘ button.

Save Trimmed video

2. Use Photos App to Trim Video on Windows 10

Windows 10 photos app can do more than just viewing your pictures. You can edit the images and as well as the videos. You can create video projects by adding multiple clips, trimming, and joining them. You can also add background music and custom audio in your video projects.

You can also add the title card, text, and some motion effect. There are filters to make your video look good too. You can also add 3D effects to make your video interactive.

To trim the video, click on the Start and type Photos then click on the Photos app.

Trim Videos on Windows 1

Now you will see the Photos app, click on the Video Editor.

Click on the Video Editor

Then click on the New video project.

Click on New video project

Now name your video project and click on OK.

Trim Videos on Windows 4

Now its time to add your clip to the project. Click on the Add button under the Project library.

Trim Videos on Windows 5

Now select from where you want to add the clip.

How to Trim Videos on Windows 10 -6

Then browse and select the clip and click on Open.

Trim Videos on Windows 10 -7

You can also drag and drop the clip from the folder directly.

Trim Videos on Photos App -8

Now drag the clip from the Project Library and drop to the Storyboard.

Trim Videos on Photos app on Windows 10

Now click on the Trim button.

How to Trim Videos on Photos app

Then use the two sliders to trim your video, and then click on the Done button.

Trim Videos on Windows 10 -11

Now click on the Finish Video button on the top right corner.

Trim Videos on Windows 10 -12

Now select the output video quality, you can select from 1080p, 720p, and 540p. Then click on the Export button.

Trim Videos on Windows 10 -13

Now select the location of where you want to save the video, and click Export.

Trim Videos on Windows 10 -14

Now, wait until the export process gets completed.

Trim Videos on Windows 10 -15

3. Using third-party apps

Besides the native windows apps, you can use a third-party media player to trim your video. You can check out the list of popular video editing software that provides you with a platform to trim your videos. However, we cannot review the third-party apps in our review as each has its method of cutting the video. Still likely, it’s best to use the native Windows apps as they offer a reliable video trimming. 

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Use Movavi Video Editor to Trim Video

If you plan to get more likes on your videos, you can get Movavi Video Editor and make your video more interactive. The Movavi Editor interface is designed for everybody; it is simple and doesn’t require expert knowledge. You can add clips and music in separate tracks. You can also add stickers, transitions, special effects in your videos. There are several built-in media in the editor, which can be used to make your video much appealing.

Download and install Movavi Video Editor. Now open it.

Trimming the video on the Movavi is much simpler. Drag and drop your clip to the Media Bin.

Trim Videos using Movavi 1

Then drag and drop the clip to the timeline.

Trim Videos using Movavi 2

Now place the red line to the point where you want to cut and trim your video. Then click the Split button.

Trim Videos using Movavi 3

Now select the clip, you want to remove and press the Delete button.

Trim Videos using Movavi 4

You can also use the Delete button on the keyboard. Now click the Export menu and select Export Video.

Trim Videos using Movavi 5

Now select the output format, Title name, location to save, and the Video Quality, then click on Start. Your file will be ready once the rendering is complete.

Trim Videos using Movavi 6

Does the video quality remain the same after trimming?

Video trimming involves cutting a video to your ideal streaming duration and has nothing to do with reducing the quality or resolution of your video. However, with some apps, video trimming reduces video quality. It’s recommended however to use the native movies app in windows for trimming your videos. It not only ensure you retain the original features of your video but also keeping the quality. 

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Windows users have a huge advantage and can easily leverage the free and easy to use Movies and TV application. We do hope that you found this article fun and engaging. Consider using the application for your videos and avoid any hassle. In this topic, we demonstrated how you can trim videos in Windows 10.

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  1. I find your articles very nformative, thank you.
    I have Wndows 10, Version 1903, OSbuild 18362.418, and Office 365 home.
    I am kind f managing with all the new or changed things.
    As Microsoftwill stop , Photo-Videoapp. on the 10.Jan 2020 have followed the instructions to turn off Syncing to One Drive on my Laptops.
    Now l nolonger know how to use the new program.Are you going to wite smething about that?
    Another question concerning power point;
    Also when I make a ppsx and convert it to a video, how can one set the end, so that it is not so abrupt. With quality I have no problem

  2. Got a youtube music video that I ripped down for personal enjoyment … trying to edit it with your instructions and trim/remove an advertisement at the end of the band’s upcoming concert in 2012 … but I keep getting “you do not have permission to edit this file … maybe save a copy instead” … tried saving security permissions on the file with no luck – I have full admin privileges on my Win 10 PC … any suggestions?

  3. There’s no pencil icon on my copy of Movies and TV. I’m using Windows Preview 19624. Maybe Microsoft is planning on removing the edit facility.


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