Here Are The Top Most Requested Windows 10 Features

Microsoft bills Windows 10 as the largest ever open collaborative development effort, and it is easy to see why. Windows 10 features will only be finalized after user feedback is taken into account.

At least, that’s the plan.

Even the recently released preview build of the operating system asks for user feedback every step of the way, and Microsoft has received thousands of suggestions from people that have deployed this early version of Windows 10.

Wouldn’t it be great to see what these feature requests are?

Paul Thurrott has posted a list of the most requested options and bug requests that users have submitted to Microsoft through the feedback forms. This does not mean the software titan will implement all of them, but here they are:

  1. Let us move or disable the new search and/or taskview buttons.
  2. Add a little animation/transition when opening the Start menu.
  3. Make it easier to use a local account.
  4. Add tabs to File Explorer.
  5. Can’t access Charms.
  6. Make a beautiful boot screen.
  7. Unable to select multiple tiles when using CTRL.
  8. Complete the transition from the Control Panel to PC Settings.
  9. Complete updating icons.
  10. Allow specific background images and folders on each virtual desktop.

Some of these features are now, a few of them old and people have been asking Microsoft to implement them for ages now (tabs for File Explorer and new icons).

These requests have been collected and tallied using script based analysis, and comprises of feedback the software titan received the past week. A lot more will surely be coming, but it is great to see the community actively engaged in the development process.

Fingers crossed Microsoft manages to take care of as many of these as possible.

Want to add to this list? Have a feature in mind that you think would be a good addition? Comment and let us know what feature you want to see in Windows 10.

16 thoughts on “Here Are The Top Most Requested Windows 10 Features”

  1. 1, 8, 9 & 10 are the only ones I agree with. I couldn’t careless about a boot screen or start menu animations — seriously, who’s asking about that?!

    • Mainstream public, who else? 😛 People really want their eye candy back. And well, the current Windows 8 boot screen is pretty okay, the problem is that it goes by too fast. On SSDs, even faster.

  2. Some of the top 10 requested features indicated that some beta users are not so technical at all. They focused on the look instead.

    • Sure seems like it. I’m sure the list will evolve as we move ahead with the development. I do hope Microsoft can somehow keep us update on this on a monthly basis, maybe.

      Nothing beats official details, in my opinion.

    • Agreed. Although I believe a few are simply eye candy, the more options the better. And well, an Aero return would be good too, even if as a secondary theme.

  3. Another cool addition is something a friend mentioned, being able to scroll whatever is under my mouse, if the window is focused or not.

    • Yes so far they have tried to accommodate many of the things that we asked for. And I’m assuming with the feedback app that they will try to continue doing so.

  4. don’t care about Aero and animations , but some new features are welcomed like Notification (but for all not just installed exMetro apps) virtual desktops too and since W 8.1 mounting ISO images, that’s great feature and system stuff like that so one don’t need 3rd party apps for anything, Windows 10 is a step back considering W 8.1 but OK, guess it’s gonna be good cos now it’s full of bugs, can’t wait for the first upgrade…go MS…


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