There Are Now 7 Million Windows Insiders

It was barely three weeks ago when Microsoft confirmed that 6 million people had signed up to be Windows Insiders, and since then the program has grown at a rather impressive pace.

Adding another 1 million in the process.

The software titan turned up at the IFA consumer events trade show in Berlin today to talk Windows 10, and also showcase some new hardware devices that its partners are preparing. And during the afternoon keynote, revealed that there are now 7 million people signed up for the preview program.

No breakdown on the number that have signed up to receive the various Windows 10 Mobile builds, but this is remarkable growth nevertheless.

A growth of a million new users in just 24 days — and that too, following the launch of the new operating system, Windows 10. Remarkable, indeed, however you look it.

The company also recently confirmed that the new OS has seen over 75 million on PCs, but did not provide any updated figure on that during the keynote.

Probably because the company is waiting for another hefty milestone.

Say, a 100 million?

Judging by the way things are going, that should not be too far off. With luck, Windows 10 might actually cross this landmark figure before the end of the month.

2 thoughts on “There Are Now 7 Million Windows Insiders”

  1. Those are impressive numbers and I actually think that 100 million is a low number for the next 30 days. They can do better. And considering how Microsoft is constantly investing in Windows 10 and improving it, I don’t see why people wouldn’t want to get in on the action soon.

  2. 7 million insiders sounds pretty cool. Microsoft surely gets a lot of good info from these people and they better put it to good use. They need to translate this into good updates, improved security and so on.

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