It's finally here: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Windows 10

Windows 10 Optimize eBook
A fully updated guide to help you optimize your copy of Windows 10!
  • Speed Up Windows 10: I'll walk you through some of the most efficient ways to get your Windows 10 device running as fast as possible.
  • Discuss New and Hidden Features. Learn some of the less well known tweaks you can use to get the best from your Operating System.
  • Make Your Life Easier: Learn some of the new shortcuts and tips that will make your day to day computer use more efficient and pleasant.

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Rob Boirun, CEO

“Windows 10 is an amazing Operating System because of the amount of flexibility it offers. For the average user, this can be overwhelming. This innovative eBook helps you understand what your tuning and tweaking options are. I strongly recommend!”

Here are some of the topics the book covers:

Cortana Featured Icon

Use Cortana to make your life easier

Microsoft has the most advanced PC virtual assistant on the market - Cortana. We'll show you how to set preferences and leverage the help to get more work done faster.

Virtual Image Featured Icon

Learn how to create system images

Windows 10 makes it easy to create and restore backup images of your computer and it's data. Learn how to make and store a system image as soon as possible.

OneDrive Featured Icon

Understand more about OneDrive

OneDrive is the Microsoft Cloud Storage repository. Learn how to sync up your data, remotely access your files and stay productive working from the cloud.

Backup Featured Icon

Optimize your PC Remote Backups

It's important to store files in the cloud but sometimes you want  to make a physical backup. Learn how to backup your files and libraries to an external drive.

GodMode Featured Icon

Learn about "Godmode"

Did you know that Windows 10 has a "GodMode?" - a hidden panel that has access to system master commands? I'll show you how to access and tweak that.

Performance Fast Featured Icon

Speed up your System startup time

It's possible to radically speed up your system startup time. I'll walk you through how to remove any inefficient system delays you may have when starting your computer.

Gesture Featured Icon

Use gestures for emails

Did you know that Microsoft's mail program supports the use of gestures for common tasks? We'll show you how to activate the setting for efficiency.

Windows Update Featured Icon

Manage your Windows Updates

Windows Updates sometimes happen silently in the background. Learn a simple tweak you can make to make sure that you are always notified before your PC is updated.

At over 75 pages long, the book covers these Windows 10 related topics and a whole lot (over 90) more...

Onuora Amobi

About the Author: Onuora Amobi

Onuora Amobi is a former Microsoft MVP and the CEO of the Windows News Network.

A seasoned IT professional with 2 decades of experience, Mr. Amobi has covered Windows as an analyst since Windows Vista in 2007. He is a seasoned blogger and the owner of Windows 10 news website - This is his 12th book.

Here's what some of our readers say...

Paul Lin

“An awesome read! A simple and straightforward way to keep my PC running smoothly.”

Dorothy Fields

“This helped me figure out some of the more confusing options like using the registry editor to make changes..”

Ron Finkel

“I'm not a young man anymore and it's hard to keep track of all these tech changes. This was an easy book to read and have for reference..”

Manuel Arinze

“Onuora's books are always easy to read and full of value. This is a handy guide to have when you are trying to figure out how to speed things up.. ”

Windows 10 Optimize eBook
A Fully Updated Guide to Optimizing Windows 10

Is Windows 10 running as smoothly as it could be on your device?

Windows 10 is Microsoft's newest and most powerful Operating System but at the end of the day, it's still software. Like any other software program, it needs to be properly configured and optimized.

Learn how to optimize the performance of your Windows 10 PC!

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