Surface Book Market Share At 25% And Going Up Fast

That’s more like it! Microsoft certainly has a hit on their hands with the Surface Book, which according to the latest market share data is sitting at 25% and gaining fast.

Fast enough for others to take notice.

Others like 1010data, a market research firm.

Data (pun always intended) obtained by their new research reveals that not only are Microsoft’s hybrid tablets making gains this year, but Windows powered tablets in general are on the rise. No wonder they call devices like these the future.

1010data is a company that looks at the spending habits of consumers to analyze market share, and they have found that Microsoft Surface Book increased its share by 9% in Q1.

Overall increases for the device come in at 25% since last year.

Additionally, hybrid tablets like the Surface Book accounted for a very healthy 33% of all tablet sales, and this is a trend that is very likely to continue in the coming months and years.

The full report from the firm is due out sometimes next week, but these numbers certainly are a bright spot for Microsoft and corroborate the 61% revenue increase for the Surface division that the Redmond based company most recently reported in their quarterly financial earnings calls.

One thing is for sure.

Surface 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book and similar devices are here, and are here to stay!

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