10 Tools to Stop Windows 10 from Spying

Windows 10 comes with an improved user interface, security, design, usability, and performance which makes it a favorite over other previous Windows versions. On the flip side, however, concerns have been raised over windows 10 trying to spy on almost everything you do.

While Windows 10 was warmly welcomed by bloggers and tech lovers alike, we cannot underestimate the vulnerabilities and annoyances it presents to its users. In this tutorial, we explore 10 tools to stop Windows 10 from spying on you.

1. O&O ShutUp 10

tools to stop Windows 10 from spying

O&O is a free tool that enables you to disable more than 50 Windows 10 spying features. O&O also allows you to retain those features that are useful to your computer. Besides, the program works as an executable and requires no installation.

Also, if you change you can restore the disabled features later using the tool. While disabling the spying features, the app has the option of performing a system restore point so that in case of any issue you can revert the changes.

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2. Disable Windows 10 Tracking

Disable Windows 10 Tracking is an opensource tool and was among the first Windows 10 anti-spy tools to be written. It works like O&O ShutUp and doesn’t require installation to work. You’ll only need to run the executable file and disable Windows 10 spying features.

The tool also has two options; delete and disable. The delete function removes the services while the disable function makes them dormant. You can also revert the changes in the future when you want to. Download the program, run it as an administrator and modify your privacy settings.

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3. Ashampoo AntiSpy

Ashampoo Antispy is a free tool that allows you to safeguard your privacy by tweaking some of the security settings. The tool stops data logging, disables Microsoft from sending your diagnostic and usage data and also disable location tracking. Like the previous tools, you can choose the features to keep and delete. Also, you have the option of creating a system restore point so that you can revert to your default settings should any problem arise.


WPD is a small but powerful anti-spy tool that functions via the Windows API. The tool is one of the most convenient for customizing your privacy settings in Windows 10. It includes features such as:

  • Privacy management- With privacy management you can customize tasks, services, group policy and settings responsible for data collection and transmission.
  • Appx uninstaller- For removing pre-installed Microsoft store apps and other garbage.
  • IP Blocker- Block the max repository from accessing your IP address.

5. Blackbird

Do you hate Windows 10 spying on you? Or are you tired of modifying your privacy settings to prevent Microsoft from spying on you? Or you just love keeping your private information secure? Thankfully, you can use the Blackbird tool to achieve all this. The app is portable and requires no installation. Some of its key features include

  • Blocks Telemetry– the tool blocks windows spyware on your computer without modifying the HOSTS file or firewall settings. The app disables windows spying on both the network and application level by removing all windows telemetry updates.

  • Removal of Windows Ads

    Removes Windows ads and any pre-installed apps you don’t prefer. Also, stop any background software updates.
  • Privacy enhancement

    Prevents the collection and send of diagnostic data, URLs, passwords, location, and P2P- update sharing. Also, remove unique ID tracker tokens, disable multiple data collection features and improve the speed of your PC.

6. Win 10 Spy disabler

Win 10 Spy Disabler is a small but effective tool that disables windows features that track your activities and collect data on your usage. It also disables telemetry and windows programs that collect and send data to Microsoft on your usage behavior. According to the Microsoft privacy statement, the company collects numerous types of data on your usage which amounts to spying.

The tool enables you to counteract Microsoft spying and disable their services, programs and system settings that monitor you. After disabling the services using the program, reboot your PC for the changes to take effect. 

7. Privacy repairer

Privacy Repairer could be one of the top anti-spying tools except for its complex interface. However, for some, it’s the ideal tool as there are simple toggle buttons beside each interface.

The tool also details information for every option you want to modify. The changes are reversible and there are more than 60 options engineered to modify your system in a myriad of ways. some of its features include:

  • Privacy protection: Privacy repairer tool is designed to protect your privacy. It comes with more than 50 options that enable you to tweak your system to improve your privacy.
  • Advanced Options: If you’re a professional user, then you’ll love the advanced options that improve your privacy but may lower your security. For instance, disabling the “Smart Screen” service saves you the burden of verification of each program you download but could expose you to malware.

8. Avira Privacy Pal

Avira Privacy Pal enables you to modify over 200 PC privacy settings with a few clicks. You’ll also prevent companies in a few ways from collecting your data and cleaning your device’s digital footprint. You can also shred your confidential files to an unrecoverable state. The tool is easy-to-use and you’ll get started by choosing one of its three user profiles. Each profile has its privacy and convenience settings.

Avira Privacy Pal can also perform the following tasks:

  • Disable your unique ID advertising tracker 
  • Turn off Bluetooth advertising 
  • Disable pop-ups in Microsoft page and Explorer page

9. Destroy Windows Spying

Destroy Windows 10 Spying

Windows 10 came with many features and improvements to the earlier Windows 10. These include the Start menu and revamped icons but it came with its share of issues too and especially its spying behaviors. Destroy Windows Spying is a freeware that offers a solution to this problem. It removes spying apps, spying modules, Windows 10 Metro apps and adding spy domains to the Windows hosts file.

10. W10 Privacy

There are countless Windows 10 services, programs and features that spy on your moves. These options are hidden in locations where you can hardly recognize them. W10 privacy identifies these settings for you and enables you to tweak them.

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Windows 10 has many features, programs, and services that spy on users. These programs can leak your confidential information. Tt’s therefore vital you protect yourself against such programs. The 10 tools we have just listed go a long way in safeguarding private information residing on your Windows 10 PC and thereby warding off spying capabilities.

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