Where are Sticky Notes Saved (File Location in Explorer)

Obviously, Microsoft provides so many features to have their Windows users comfortable. The Sticky Notes is one very useful feature among them, where you can take notes or create a reminder note right on the desktop. Well, it’s needless to explain what’s a Sticky Note is; because there are already millions of people using it every month. But what is the actual location of Sticky Notes in Windows 10? Read on, we’ll get you there.

How to Evoke Sticky Notes?

It is very easy to create a Sticky Note on your Windows 10 PC. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t hesitate to go ahead now. It won’t take much time to create your first Sticky Note. There are so many ways to launch this feature, in which two of them are discussed below. Select the one that suits you well.

  • Click on the Start button, look for the Sticky Notes and click on it; or simply type “Sticky Notes” in the search area in the Taskbar.
location of Sticky Notes in Windows 10
  • You can also have Cortana, to search for the Sticky Notes, by saying “Hey Cortana. Launch Sticky Notes”.
location of Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Once either of them is carried out, you can see a yellow colored Sticky Note, appearing on your screen. You can write anything into this yellow square; resize it; drag it; and even place it anywhere on the screen, of your choice.

location of Sticky Notes in Windows 10

Here, you can find a ‘+’ option, provided in the upper-left corner of the Note to create another Sticky Note. Remember, the ‘X’ in the upper-right corner will delete the particular note. Anyway, Windows will ask you for a confirmation before deleting a Note. Another great thing about it is the power of Cortana. Yes, using Cortana, you can create a reminder for the Note you create on a particular date.

Saved Location of Sticky Notes in Windows 10

The contents of the Sticky Note are periodically saved to your computer. They are stored on a special AppData folder that is hidden deep inside the C: drive. To access it, you must first enable visibility of hidden files. To do this:

  • Open This PC, get to the View menu and check the Hidden Items option in the Show/hide
location of Sticky Notes in Windows 10
  • Now, in your Windows Explorer, click on the address, C:\\Users\\username\\AppData\\Local\\Packages\\Microsoft.StickyNotes_8wekyb3d8bbwe

location of Sticky Notes in Windows 10

  • In this folder, you can find eight folders like AC, AppData, LocalCache, etc. Your Sticky Notes contents are saved right in this folder.

location of Sticky Notes in Windows 10

How to Backup and Restore the Sticky Notes?

You can very well have your Sticky Notes and their contents restored to any other computer, or even on your own computer after an OS reinstall or after repairing a crashed system. To have a backup of your Sticky Notes, you can copy and paste all these eight folders to a secondary storage.

But note that, you will have to keep updating your backup frequently, in order to restore the latest changes. To restore, you can just get into the said file location and replace all these folders, with the ones you have as a backup.

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