How to Set Screen Time Limit on Windows 10?

Spending a lot of time before a computer screen is harmful to both adults and kids. The harmful rays emitting from the screen is not only unhealthy for eyes, but it can also have an adverse effect on your mental health.

For adults limiting the screen time would provide them with the opportunity to have a break and enhance their work productivity. When it comes to children, it is essential to put a time limit on their system use, so that they don’t get used to it. 

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Fortunately, Windows 10 comes with options to set the time limit for all the users who are using a particular device.

In this guide, we would discuss the two ways to set the screen time limit on Windows 10 users. 

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Create a Child Account

For restricting your children’s computer usage, instead of allowing them to use the system on your account, create their own account, gain parental controls, and put time restrictions. For that, follow these simple steps:

  1. Reach Accounts Settings

    Go to Windows Settings->Accounts. 

  2. On the left pane, click on Family & other users.

    Family & other users

  3. Create Child Account

    Follow the on-screen instructions and create a child account.Add an Account

  4. Manage family settings online

    After the new account is created, again head to Family & other users, and click on Manage family settings online.Manage Family Settings Online

  5. Screen Time Option on Microsoft Family Safety

    You would be redirected to the Microsoft Family Safety page. Under the profile name, click on the Screen time option.Screen time option

  6. Default Settings

    Scroll down, and you would see the default settings of the time limit.Time Limit

  7. Set Time Limit

    Click on any day and set the time limit.Set time limit

That’s it the time limit is set.

Set Time Limit using Command Prompt

The second method to set the screen time limit is by using the Command Prompt.

1. Open Command Prompt as administrator

open command prompt

2. On Command-line window type the following command

net user username /times:M-F,10:00-22:00;Sa-Su,09:00-23:00

Replace username with the username for which you want to restrict the screen time.

Run Time Limit Command

This command would set the time limit for Monday to Friday as 10 AM to 10 PM and for Saturday-Sunday as 9 AM to 11 PM.

3. You can also set the time limit for a particular day, for example, for Monday, here Peter Baltazar is restricted to use the system from 7 AM to 7 PM. 

Set Time limit for a particular day

4. If you want to remove the restrictions type this command 

net user username /times:all. 
Remove Time Restrictions

Final Words

These are the two ways how you can set a screen time limit for the Windows 10 users. You can easily restrict and keep track of your children’s computer usage. Apart from that, you can set the screen limit for yourself to take a pause and maintain your health. If you are running an organization, you can use this to test your worker’s efficiency to perform a given task in a particular period. 

Set Screen Time Limit FAQs

1. Can you set time limits on Windows 10?

YES, you can set the time limits on Windows 10 by following any of the two methods explained in this guide.

2. How can I limit the PC game time?

You can limit your PC game time by setting the screen time limit on your Windows 10 system. By following the methods on this guide, you can easily do that.

3. How to restrict screen time for kids on Windows 10?

To restrict the screen time for kids, create their own user account on Windows 10 and put restrictions on the account using parental control. 

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