Satya Nadella still working on Microsoft’s long-term strategy, says chairman

John Thompson, along with Satya Nadella and Bill Gates are three wise men tasked with charting out Microsoft’s future trajectory. Thompson was named chairman of the board right around the time Satya Nadella got promoted to CEO.

And according to the man, Nadella is still working on a new long-term strategy for Microsoft.

New long-term strategy being the keywords here, as this interview with the Wall Street Journal states:

“Satya is still defining and tuning what he wants the ultimate strategy of the company to be, and over the course of the next three to six months, that will clearly become more visible to the marketplace at large.”

So I guess some big announcements could be expected in the next three to six months.

Between August and November this year? An unveiling of Windows 9, perhaps, or the cloud powered Windows? Obviously, too soon for release, but at the very least we could have some new official details.

Nadella was drafted in from the cloud division to not only continue reorganization plan that former CEO Steve Ballmer initiated, but also finish the transition towards a devices and services approach.

With all of that in progress, now is the perfect time for the new leader to carve out his own path.

These first few month, although the continuation of the status quo, have still brought in a number of big changes — like executives parting ways, launch of Office on the iPad, multiple changes to the licensing schemes of Windows and Windows Phone, among others.

A major shakeup in approach will be evidently obvious, when it is put into action.

3 thoughts on “Satya Nadella still working on Microsoft’s long-term strategy, says chairman”

  1. On one hand, I’m glad Nadella is being careful and diligent in developing a long term plan for this software giant. On the other hand, I’m a little concerned that he took over in February and is still developing a plan.

    • I have to agree there. Even if he’s still working on it, I wish he wouldn’t announce it because I think it appears as though he doesn’t really have any clue on what Microsoft should do moving forward.


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