How to rotate video on VLC Media Player?

Sometimes orientation can go wrong while shooting the video. It leads wrong output of the video playback. This can be fixed by rotating the videos to the required degree using the methods given in this tutorial.

1. Using VLC Media Player

VLC is a free and open-source media player in the market. It supports a vast array of video formats and is one of the most popular media players on the market. Additionally, it is available for Windows, Android, and Mac operating systems.

  1. On the Search bar located on the taskbar, type ‘VLC’, and on the pull-up menu that appears, click on the VLC app as shown.Launch VLC Media Player

  2. Once VLC has launched, click on the ‘Media’ button on the menu bar and select ‘Open file‘ on the pull-down menu that appears.Open Video File

  3. On the next pop-up window navigate and select the video file that could be upside down or not perfectly upright and needs some rotation.Browse Videos

  4. Once you’ve opened the file, head out to the menu bar and click on the ‘Tools‘ button and later click on the ‘Effects and Filters‘ option.Effects and Filters Tools in VLC

  5. On the ‘Adjustments and Effects‘ window, click on the ‘Video Effects‘ tab and next click on the ‘Geometry’ tab. Now check off the ‘Transform‘ checkbox and directly below, and click on the drop-down combo to reveal the rotational angle. Finally, tick the ‘Rotate’ checkbox and witness the transformation! In this case, I have chosen to rotate my video by 180 degrees for it to be upright.Adjust Video Rotation

2. Using the Photos App

Although natively used for editing photos, the built-in Photos App can still come in handy and help you rotate your videos. To do so, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Head out to the search bar on the taskbar and type ‘Photos‘. On the pull-up, menu click on the Photos application as shown.

Step 2: Once the App is launched, click on the ‘Select‘ tab.

Step 3: On the new menu bar that is displayed, click on ‘New video‘ and then select ‘New video Project

Step 4: This opens a new window shown below. Provide a name for your video. and then click on the ‘Add’ button in the ‘Project library‘ section. Thereafter select the location of the video that you’d like to rotate.

This time around, we will attempt to flip a video file upside down. So, I have decided to select a perfectly normal video.

Step 5: Next, click and drag the video to the panel directly below in the Photos app.

Step 6: After dragging the video, a preview will be displayed alongside other editing tools. To rotate the video, click on the ‘Rotate‘ tool as shown.

Rotate Videos On Windows 10

The rotation happens in 90-degree intervals.

Rotate Videos On Windows 10

And that’s how you would rotate Videos On Windows 10. As you can see, its pretty simple to rotate your videos using the built-in Photos app and the now commonly used VLC media player.

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