How to Remove Malware from Windows 10

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  1. I’d say some of these steps are a bit heavy-handed … especially for novices and even power-end users but who also have IT support behind them. I hate to be “PC” but most of these steps should have the caveat instead “you MIGHT have mal-ware” rather than a dramatic (IMHO) “it’s a sign that it’s infested with malware.” Just because a PC runs faster in safe mode than production mode is not an indicator of mal-ware. Many production programs use a lot of resources and can slow a PC down a bit due to connectivity/communication/resource allocation/etc. You may have a big (potentially bad-written or designed) but totally legit program that only loads in regular mode but not in safe-mode. Happens all the time. Whether you can get a company software development team to make their software faster is food for later thought , but not necessarily proof of infested computer. And many virus-scan systems out there – McAfee, Windows Defender, AVG, etc. will even scan for mal-ware as well as viruses. Keeping an on-going program membership that updates continuously and scans on a regular unattended basis is key. Keeping other freeware software like MalwareBytes and Spybot Killer available as well as other paid programs will usually keep a system healthy, but you have to actually use them. This article sounds like it is for the novice user, who has no idea about malware and no IT support, trying to toubleshoot items for the first time ever. Many of the readers of this forum (I would assume) would be pretty savvy and have been keeping up on system scanning for years now and these instructions are helpful but hardly the last word on the subject. And it almost sounds like an advertisement for MalwareFox more than anything. You “might” have adware/malware if some things are happening. Or it can be other issues as well. But this is almost chicken little “sky is falling” when more research is definitely warranted, and I point users to freeware BEFORE I tell them to spend money on a program that may do the same as freeware already out there.


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