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Rebranding Announcement

It is hereby notified that will be now called as

The change in website’s name is simply because we want to build a brand out of this site.

Initial name – “Windows 10 Update” was not brandable.

Another reason is that the word “Update” conveyed that it is a website providing updates for Windows 10 or a news site. We wanted to get rid of that notion and deliver beyond the news updates.

Even though the name has been changed, we will still be focussing on Windows 10 platform in our articles. However, it won’t be just the news articles but actionable content including tutorials and guides, opinions, reviews and other problem-solving content.

That being said, all the subscriber data has been migrated under the new domain.
Any purchases made before this change are automatically transferred to new domain.

If you are unsure about any aspect of this brand name change, let us know by commenting below.

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Lyle says August 6, 2017

I need to find a Win 10 audio player that, upon demand from a manual keypress, will let me backup a few seconds and replay the last audio section over.
Thanks for your help.

    George says August 7, 2017

    Hello Lyle. Audacity does that and it’s free. It’s mostly used for recording. If you’re only looking for an audio player, then I suppose that VLC and MediaMonkey can do that as well.

David Duhaime says August 20, 2017

See new update in windows 10

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