Project Centennial On Track To Bring Win32 Software To The Store

Project Centennial is another ambitions plan from Microsoft to fix the lack of apps on Windows 10, but practically bringing traditional Win32 software to the Windows Store.

There has been plenty of talk on how these programs will help take the popular Continuum feature on Windows 10 Mobile to the next level — but if done right, this bridge will also make the store one single destination for everything Windows 10 has to offer as an operating system.

And although Redmond has not provided any recent status update on Project Centennial, it appears that work on initiative is coming along well.

In fact, the company now appears to be testing a desktop version of Office in the store right now.

Pretty barebones for the time being, but as discovered, Microsoft has published a new app in the store dubbed Centennial Office Test1 by a team aptly called Project Centennial.

Project Centennial Office Apps

The app basically allows users to download the standard Office applications, and the fact that it comes in at a size of 960 MB shows that it is indeed the real Office suite, containing desktop applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Hitting the install button should automatically download and install Office on computers, though for the moment it does not work — all you get is a white screen.

The store link has since been taken down, but it is clear what Microsoft is trying to do here. The idea being to help developers bring all their .NET and Win32 software to the store by packaging them in the standard universal app platform services for easy installation and removal on Windows 10 devices.

Plus, controlling all applications from the store also ensures things are kept safe and secure, and no malware is distributed through installers.

Judging by this leak, and the fact that Microsoft is testing things out, we can expect the company to talk this in more detail at the upcoming BUILD 2016 developer conference.

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