How to Print Web Pages without Ads

We often find information worthy enough to print and read later without any digital distraction. However, ads and other form of clutter might ruin the print by taking unnecessary space and ink wastage. In this article, we will learn how to print web pages without ads and clutter.

Take an example of tutorial to setup new Windows computer or a new recipe. Handout printed with instructions is more convenient in these cases. But, how do you remove ads while printing it? Here are few methods you can try:

1. Print using Reader Mode of Web Browsers

Web browsers have an integrated feature for reading articles. It removes ads and any other clutters from the page leaving only the content (text and images). Once activated, you can print that page to get it ad-free.

1.1 Print Ad-free pages on Chrome

Google Chrome has a reader mode but it is disabled by default.

How to enable Reader mode in Chrome:

Distilled Mode in Chrome

  1. Enter chrome://flags in address bar and press enter.
  2. Search for Reader.
  3. Enable.

You will have to relaunch the browser. Now, you will see “Distilled Mode” in Menu.

Chrome Distill Mode

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1.2 Print without ads on FireFox

Firefox Reader Mode

  1. Open the webpage you want to print.
  2. Click on “Reader” icon at the right end of address bar.
  3. It toggles the page to reader view and you can print the page.

1.3 Print Clutter Free pages on Edge browser

The New Edge browser based on Chromium (in beta at the time of writing) doesn’t yet support reader view.

In the old Edge, you can click on reader icon in the address bar to get content without ads.

Microsoft-Edge Read-Mode

At this stage, it can be printed by pressing CTRL+P.

If reader mode icon doesn’t appear on certain pages, it means that the page doesn’t support. However, it works most of the time on the articles like this one and strip down for printing. You can opt for another method listed below for more options.

2. Print Using Webapp (Supports PDF)

Even before the reading mode existed in web browsers, PrinterFriendly has been helping users. It is an online service which removes all the clutter from any webpage. You just have to enter the URL of the page you want to print and press Preview button.

Before printing, the preview gives you an option to delete content which you don’t want. It can be a native ad or some paragraph you want to skip.

Printer Friendly

As the service is solely developed for the printing purpose, the formatting of the page is way better than reading mode. It keeps intact the website logo, Author’s name and content formatting.

While using any of the methods listed above, it is not necessary to print on physical page. You can choose to Print as PDF if you need document for sharing purposes.

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  1. I use “The Printliminator” for much of my page cleanups. It can take a while to understand but cleans up just what you want cleaned up.


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