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Do you wish There were a Better, Faster Way to Get More Done with Windows 10?

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Optimizing Windows 10: 100 Ways To Optimize Microsoft’s Newest Operating System

Windows 10 Optimization eBook

Every page of this downloadable, step-by-step guide features full color photos to walk you through tweaking Windows’ default settings so that you can enjoy the full-featured Windows 10 experience like a true Power User – even if you’re a total beginner!

In just minutes, you’ll learn how to:

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Use Microsoft’s Digital Virtual Assistant, Cortana, to Get More Done – Faster

Cortana is Microsoft’s new smart virtual assistant, a digital hybrid app/productivity system that can help you plan and do more – everything from finding recipes to this week’s upcoming weather. With Cortana, you’ll be able to make (and complete) all your to-dos in one neat, tidy program that helps you stay focused and find what you need to take care of life.

hard drive

Back Up Your Computer Using System Images

A “system image” is a snapshot of your hard drive, complete with system files and other important details to keep your computer running smoothly. As you use your PC over time, these files can become corrupted or broken. Making a system image allows you to restore and fix these files so that your computer runs like new again.

cloud computing

Enjoy Better Work and More Productivity in the Cloud

Microsoft OneDrive is the company’s cloud-based storage system. With it, you can keep files, photos, documents and more synchronized between computers and devices. Took a great photo with your phone? Share it to your home computer with OneDrive. Optimizing Windows 10 shows you how, step-by-step.

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Create Remote Backups – Quickly and Easily

Although you can store data in the cloud, sometimes you just want a physical backup on hand. This guide shows you exactly how to create and schedule remote backups, so your most important files are always recent and always available when you need them.

Turbocharge Your System Startup

Slugging startup taking forever? Learn some little-known tricks you can use to vastly speed up your Windows startup process. I’ll even show you how to get rid of any inefficient system processes that could be clogging things up.


Enter “God-Mode”

Did you know that Windows 10 has a secret “God-mode” that gives you complete access to all files, folders and systems? It’s not something many people (except developers) know about, but I’ll show you how to enable it and make the changes you want to make with full control over the operating system.

Enable Email Gestures

Did you know that Microsoft’s email program supports the use of gestures to achieve common tasks? Whether you’re writing a mail, attaching a photo and more, you can use simple hand gestures to quickly send messages and much more. You won’t believe how much time you’ll save until you’ve tried this unique feature!

Manage Windows Update Updates

In trying to download the latest files and fixes, the Windows Update service can cause your computer to run slowly as it tries applying changes in the background. Learn how to control when and what Windows Update actually updates, so you can streamline your productivity, and have it download files when you’re not actively using the PC.

Here’s what some of our readers say…

Paul Lin


An awesome read! A simple and straightforward way to keep my PC running smoothly.

Dorothy Fields


“This helped me figure out some of the more confusing options like using the registry editor to make changes..”

Ron Finkel


“I’m not a young man anymore and it’s hard to keep track of all these tech changes. This was an easy book to read and have for reference..”


“Onuora’s books are always easy to read and full of value. This is a handy guide to have when you are trying to figure out how to speed things up.. ”

How much is this going to cost?

This is the best part.

If you were to drive down to your local bookstore, browse the bookstores shelves for what you hope is the very latest version of a Windows book, you’d pay $59.99 or more – and even that information is outdated the moment it hits the store shelves.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not waste time, gas and money only to be overcharged for how-to information that’s out of date.

With “Optimizing Windows 10”, you get a fully downloadable guide that you can view on your computer or tablet (or print, if that’s your thing) – complete with full color illustrated screenshots and helpful tips.

And, because it’s completely online, you can be sure the information you’re reading and following is the very latest available for Windows 10 – we guarantee it.

Download it now for just a one-time payment of $14.95. We’ll even walk you through the download process if you’re not sure how (it’s easy!).

No shipping. No hassle. Just instant access to the information you need to get the “inside look” at how to properly optimize your Windows 10 PC settings.

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