Norton Security Is Now Fully Compatible With Windows 10

While management utilities are usually the first to add support for a new operating system, security applications are right behind. Windows 10 already boasts compatibility with a number of such programs.

And now we can add another one to the list.

Albeit, in beta stage.

Symantec recently updated the beta versions of its software to be Windows 10 ready, and what this means is that those of you running the preview builds of the upcoming OS can now install Symantec software to keep your computers and devices protected.

Against viruses, malware, and whatnot.

Worth a mention once again that these still are beta version of these programs, meaning you might encounter bugs and other issues when using Norton Security on Windows 10 right now.

But these should be ironed out in due time.

With the new operating system due to launch July 29, more and more software developers are finalizing support for Windows 10 and making their applications compatible with Microsoft’s latest — many of which actually work fine in the various technical preview builds released until now.

The important thing is to iron out any compatibility issues, and this is what the various hardware and software companies are currently focused on.

3 thoughts on “Norton Security Is Now Fully Compatible With Windows 10”

  1. Marcos, I agree. But a lot of people only know Norton and specifically ask for it and won’t even consider others.

  2. uh no it isn’t, you might want to go back and actually try to install Norton on a windows 10 upgrade, many users having problems with stalled installations. Some the new Norton fix it tool will fix luckily, others have to try another tool to remove and reinstall and still others like me are told to revert back to 8.1. Soooo no it isnt


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