Nokia Was The Source Of Windows Leaks, Claims WZor

There is a sense of security these days. At least when it comes to Microsoft software, if nothing else. Windows leaks seem like they are now part of a distant past.

Which is true, considering we did not get leaked early build of Windows 10.

Part of that is because Redmond really amped up security of its products that are under development. And at the same time the company imposed new measures to prevent such leaks from happening in the first place, including providing access to early test builds to only a few, select partners.

Result being, Windows 10 has become the first Microsoft operating system in years that was not leaked in any capacity ahead of launch.

This has led WZor, the famous leak group, to talk about this, revealing that their main source of Windows leaks was Nokia. It appears that the telecom giant and some of its partners received early access to Microsoft products, which they passed onto WZor.

It could possibly be that someone in Nokia collaborated with the famous leak group — someone that had access to these operating systems and software from Microsoft.

And it were not only the bits that leaked.

Plenty of time information and screenshots on these projects in development reached the web, and very often these served to stir interest in what Microsoft was developing. Or planning.

Regardless, Redmond no longer tolerates leaks these days, and prefers to release the ISO files itself. No wonder there was talk that each test build of Windows 10 was individually signed with a unique code, meaning if anyone leaked a copy on the web, it would have been easy to find out who did it.

Still, the Nokia connection is rather surprising.

Suddenly, the phrase “Connecting People” has an all new meaning to it!

5 thoughts on “Nokia Was The Source Of Windows Leaks, Claims WZor”

  1. Who are they kidding I’m sure they wanted it to be leaked out. It created a buzz and i’m sure they got usable feedback from it.

    • Yeah, but maybe that was Ballmer’s idea. The new CEO seems to be on a different track altogether. Of course, leaks and early shortages are something they probably teach in marketing classes these days.

      Free publicity worth millions for companies like Microsoft and Apple.


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