How to setup Night Light in Windows 10 Creators Update

Sleeplessness is a widely prevalent health issue today. Though it’s not fatal, it is a very disturbing condition that might lead to various mental and physical inconveniences, in further. Researchers suggest that spending too much time in front of their PCs at night could be the primary reason behind it.

This habit also paves the way to some other drawbacks, like poor blood circulation, eyestrain, obesity, etc. Keeping this in mind, companies have been bringing in several innovations, to alleviate it. The night light in Windows 10 is one such endeavor from Microsoft.

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The night light feature came along with the Windows 10 Creator update. It adjusts your screen’s color temperature and makes it easier to sleep, even after a late night computer session. It has a “blue light filter”, which cuts out the blue hue from the display.

Eventually, it lowers the strain your eyes need to put on the display. Hence, you’ll feel better when even after working for longer whiles and also helps you sleep better.

Why the Night Light Feature is used?

Well, before diving into the settings and configurations, let’s slightly have a look at the physics behind the Blue Light. While working with the PC, we have glimpses of lots of color combinations. But out of all these colors the “Blue Light” has the maximum energy.

Many theories have shown that the blue light emitted from the screen, disrupts our body and reduces a sleep hormone called “melatonin”. This can strain your eye and also cause other eye-related issues. To deal with this, the “night light in Windows 10” can be used, which is just a simple, yet effective solution.

How to Setup the Night Light?

Enable Night Light

Step-1: Start by logging into your Windows 10 PC, and open the Settings window. If you are having troubles to find it out, just type “settings” into your search bar or use the “Win+I shortcut to open settings.

Setup Night Light 1

Step-2: Once getting into the Settings, click on the System option.

Setup Night Light 2

Step-3: Select the “Display tab found in the left corner of the Settings window and “Turn-on the button under Night Light.

Setup Night Light 3

Configuring and Scheduling the Night Light Feature

Even though, if you’ve turned on the Night Light feature, the settings might not be effective until the night time or sunset. So, you have to configure the color temperature and schedule it. For it;

Step-1: Just follow the first two steps said in, How to Ditch the Lock screen ads and tap on Night Light Settings option there. You can find this just below the Display tab.

Setup Night Light 4

Step-2: Use the color slider to set the color temperature, when the Night Light mode is active.

Step-3: Interestingly, there is also an option for scheduling your Night Light feature. Scroll down and toggle the button under Schedule Night Light. While clicking on this, the screen will show you two options – “Sunset to Sunrise and Set Hours.

Step-4: If you hit the Sunset to Sunrise, Windows 10 will use GPS or location data to configure and schedule the Night Light. In case, if you’ve disabled your location or data service, then Windows will prompt you to enable it.

Step-5: If you have to set your own time for scheduling this, you can select Set Hours. Here, select your own times from the drop-down menus under Turn On and “Turn Off options. For instance, configure your Night Light settings, in such a way to turn on at 7:00 PM and turn off at 6:30 AM.

Setup Night Light 5

We have come across a bundle of new features with the Windows 10 Creator Update. From all those, the Night Light is one of the most useful ones that help us be more comfortable while working in our PC for longer hours.

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