Must Have Windows 10 Software

While Windows 10 itself is a very capable OS, with hundreds of tools and options, there is no shortage of programs that let you customize it, add powerful new features, or tweak existing options. Here is a brief list of the best software to improve your Windows 10 experience.

These programs perform a variety of tasks, from extending the capabilities of the operating system to protecting your computer from malware to letting you enjoy a variety of multimedia on your PCs — there’s something for everyone in this guide.



Miscreants like adware, spyware, and viruses drag your PC performance down, but MalwareFox offers you advanced capabilities to catch anything that invades your computer. Features like fast scanning and ransomware protection make up this lightweight package that detects and removes threats in real-time.

With the advanced threats emerging on the web, a second opinion malware scanner is a must. It deals with adware spyware, browser hijacker, and ransomware.

Avast Antivirus

Although Windows 10 comes with a built-in robust security program, Windows Defender, it is still better to install an additional antivirus for added protection or if you don’t think that Microsoft Defender is enough.

When it comes to security program providers, Avast is a pretty reputed name. Usually, it is challenging to get a reliable security program for free, but the search might end with Avast. Although Avast comes with a premium version too, if you are an average computer user or your professional work is not much dependent on the internet, the free version is more than enough. Many reliable antivirus tests have highly rated its antivirus protection. With features like a network security scanner, a software updater, and more, it is more than just a virus scanner.

The best part about Avast is that it does not consume much system power and resources because it is lightweight.


EaseUS Todo Backup Free
todo backup free disk clone

Your best bet for free backup software is EaseUS Todo Backup. This program can back up individual files and folders, whole drives or partitions, and create a full system backup. A very capable tool that provides you with plenty of control.

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Dropbox - Cloud Storage
Dropbox Cloud-Storage

With a name that is almost synonymous with cloud storage, Dropbox is what you need to browse, organize, search, share all your files, and in the cloud. They provide 2 GB of storage space for starters, and its Windows app offers an impressive and streamlined combination of features.



The biggest name in password management, LastPass provides you with a secure vault, protected by a master password, that can store an unlimited number of account logins. It also completes forms automatically and has the ability to generate strong passwords for you, which it then stores.

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LibreOffice is the first name that springs to mind when thinking about a proper and professional product that is comparable to Microsoft Office. Completely free, it offers nearly the same look and feels like the classic version of Office, with a remarkably robust set of features.

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Sumatra PDF
Sumatra PDF

What Sumatra PDF lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in usability. This light and fast PDF reader supports a range of formats, including both EPUB and MOBI, and even more obscure ones like CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, and CBR reader for Windows. Its interface is centered around a simple toolbar with all the commands you need.

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When choosing a web browser, most people tend to stick with the bigger names like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, or even Edge. But Vivaldi is an excellent choice for a fast and stable web experience, with a clean interface, ability to stack and tile tabs, annotate web pages, and more. It also blocks trackers and comes with a built-in Adblocker. It is also super fast to download.

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Ditto - Clipboard Manager
Ditto Clipboard Manager

One of the best clipboards around, this program captures and stores text, images and web addresses. Clipped items are searchable, and can easily be inserted into documents. The default setting can store up to 500 items, though this limit can, of course, be increased.

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Howard Email Notifier
Howard Email Notifier

A throwback to the old days of MSN Messenger, Howard E-mail Notifier is a nifty piece of software that sits on your taskbar and continually checks your inbox for new messages. Multiple service providers are supported, and everything about the program can be customized, from sounds to icons.

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VLC - Video Player
VLC Video-Player

Undoubtedly one of the best multimedia applications ever created, VLC Media Player not only plays all kinds of audio and video files on your PC, but it can also play and record streaming content from the web. Support for a range of formats is offered out the box in this blazingly fast program.

Dopamine - Music Player
Dopamine Music Player

If you would rather have a music player with a little bit more of a personality, then Dopamine is a recent arrival on the block. This open-source program brings with it a clean and modern look, with an evolving feature set that helps you organize and play your music with style. It gives you a lot of customization options, including changing the notification look and more.

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Krita - Image Editor
Krita Image-Editor

As much a true digital paint program, as it is a photo editor, Krita is one of the best free editors you can find. It is actively developed, and frequent releases bring along a range of new tools. The interface is slick, making it perfectly capable for handling complex art designs or simple image touchups.


Advanced SystemCare Ultimate
Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

A popular cleanup tool removes junk files from your PC to free up space, can tidy up the registry, uninstall programs, and streamline startup. The clean, flat interface makes these maintenance tasks a breeze, and newer versions also watch out for junk left behind Windows 10 apps.

Driver Booster
Driver Booster

This easy-to-use program can automatically detect and update all the missing and outdated drivers on your PC, preventing system errors. Backups are created prior to updating, and only driver versions made specifically for your model and operating system are downloaded and installed.

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XYplorer - File Manager
XYplorer File Manager

This refined alternative to the built-in File Explorer on Windows 10 offers a familiar interface with a tree-based navigation, tabs for folders, and file-search functionality. A phenomenal selection of configuration options is available that let you change default views, colors, and more.

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Void Tools - Search
Void Tools

With a refreshingly reverse approach to search, this blazing fast tool lists every file on your hard drive and filters out the irrelevant ones as you type. Worth a mention that since Everything does not search the content of files, it is best used alongside another search tool.

7-Zip – Archive Manager

Although Windows 10 can create and extract ZIP files natively, this premier file-compression tool has its advantages. It can open almost anything you find online — including RAR archives — and can also browse and extract content from ISO, VDI, VHD and WIM discs, as well as CAB and MSI installers.



For those of you that regularly install software, this is small tool can come in real handy. It helps prevent accidental acceptance of third-party sponsor offers during installation, automatically unchecking any unrelated offer. It’s a lightweight program that runs as a background service, monitoring all installations.

IObit Uninstaller
IObit Uninstaller

Although Windows already offers the ability to uninstall software, IObit Uninstaller provides a very thorough implementation that removes every minute trace of a program after uninstalling it. The latest version not just removes programs, but can also get rid of Windows updates, apps, and even toolbars. It also notifies about outdated software.

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  1. When was this list updated? If it came down to two or three apps which two or three would you absolutely have to have, and why? One, Being the most important to you and your PC. Two being right behind number one and three being behind number two.
    Thanks for your time and a great read!
    I have been using Microsoft Edge for some time now, I was a Chrome user for awhile that was before Windows came out with a updated software version. Unfortunately, a few third party sources have uttered, that Microsoft’s future with smart phones are over. Leaving the Millions of their phone users to either A) Switch phones or B) Stay loyal. I chose option B, my Microsoft Lumia 640 XL has been hands down the best all around smart phone I have had the privilege of owning. Before purchasing my Microsoft 640 XL back in December of 2017, I had two other models a Nokia Lumia 630 and a Microsoft Lumia 540. Both models worked epically, the 640XL is currently the phone I am using at this time, which was upgraded through a update and is running Windows 10.
    The whole Microsoft/Nokia experience didn’t meet full expectations, This is why I believe that it will take time for the developers to recruit new ideas. After all Microsoft is still coming out with software upgrades to newer model phones. If they were completely out, they wouldn’t be bothering with such nonsense. Which leads me to believe Microsoft is sitting back and observing other carriers flaws and strengths and are going to use both to their advantage. Let’s face it, except for a few tweaks smart phones in general haven’t evolved for years. I for one can not stand Android phones, apps are keeping Androids relevant. The only IOS software of Apple’s I’ve ever used was my iPod Touch 6th Generation. Loved it, for a software for music applications etc. Not for a phone.. One reason being the IOS updates, that and I-phones are a DIME A DOZEN everyone face-times its not for me ( speaking of which face-time) needs to be regulated WAY too many Apple users “Face Time” while driving. It’s brilliant idea but needs to be regulated too many young people are getting in accidents because of it. I’d say Bluetooth find a way to project display to vehicles home interface but that’s dangerous as well. Personally, I dislike facetime, like I said brilliant app but not for everyone.. I like to think of myself as an extrovert, except when it comes to facetime. EX: When your chilling, watching T.V or working on a home project and out of nowhere your fiancée protrudes you with her phone asking you to say “hi” to someone on her Facetime, that you have never spoke to before or met. (Like a long distance Aunt or Cousin). Wouldn’t be so bad if it was once every other month but no you have to have awkward conversation on a 6” rectangle box at least once a week. It’s always same conversation “Hey” “How are you” “Kids doing good?” “How’s work?” Long pause.. then I scamper into the bathroom lock the door and take a shower.. Facetime is no doubt predominantly used by the female gender. That’s fine but leave me out of it, hahaha.
    In conclusion, if Apple’s “Facetime” and Samsung’s “Waterproof” phone capabilities/perks are the pillar in the smart phone community then this tell me that the consumers are craving something more. Something that hasn’t been seen or done yet, creative, new and fun while at the same time isn’t dangerous or a distraction. It’s coming close to the end of 2018, America is starving for a HOT new Smart Phone and I believe Microsoft is the company to deliver it to us. The main reason why Microsoft didn’t over the phone industry like most predicted they would is because their phones didn’t support the apps that were popular amongst consumers. I believe they are sitting back and waiting on their time, just like they did before and this time they will have the apps, They what the Apple’s and Samsung’s offer. EX: Big Screen, good battery, enough pixels, great cameras, waterproof technology, a way to talk over phone while seeing contact, and most importantly great phones at affordable costs. I suspect towards the end of year 2019, Microsoft smart phones will be back in the phone business and by year 2020 they will be on the shelves of major service providers for retail, as well as consumers “must have” phones, and on all of their competitors radar. I will not change phones until I am forced to, work provides company phones but I will not use Android phones, unless its certain apps for business. I am staying optimistic that Microsoft is gearing up for an all around improvement. For both PC, Console, Phone, App etc.. We have become to complacent in regards to smart phones, We still think facetime is the best thing ever. Also, a phone that is waterproof but can’t be submerged under water for a certain amount of time or at certain depths isn’t that cool. I’m putting my money for the near future in Windows, trusting they will dominate all of the competition.


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