Where are Minecraft Worlds Saved on Windows 10?

Minecraft is an open-world game where people showcase their creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. It is such a game in which you can spend hours playing and still won’t get bored. You can do many kinds of stuff, like building, fighting, crafting, exploring, etc. Minecraft comes in several editions, and Windows 10 edition is one of them. If you are wondering that where does all your game data is stored in Windows, then this guide is just for you.

There could be some reason why people are searching for ways to reach the location of the save folder of the Minecraft game in Windows 10.

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Well, knowing the location of the save folder will let you manually back up all the files of your different worlds, in case something goes wrong. Moreover, this saves folder contains all the resources and behavior packs. So, in case if you want to add some custom-made behavior or resource packs manually, then you can easily do it if you know the save location.

So let us not waste time and list out the steps to reach there.

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Save Location

Like any other Microsoft Store’s app, the Minecraft game data is also stored in its own folder in the AppData folder. Here are the steps to reach there:

1. The first step is to open the Run Dialog Box by pressing Windows icon + R.

Run Dialog Box

2. Now in the blank space of Run Dialog Window, enter the following or just copy and paste it:

Run Command to Open Folder

3. The above action will take you to the minecraftWorlds folder in the AppData. You will see several randomly named folders, depending on the number of the world you have created in the game. Every folder represents a world. Since I have created only a single world so I can only see only one folder.


4. If you want to know which folder contains which world, just open any folder and look for a levelname.txt text file.


5. Double-click on it to open, and you will see the name of the world this folder belongs to.

Name of the World

6. After knowing which folder belongs to which world, you can save the entire root folder for the back-up purpose by copying the folder. You can also add custom resource packs in the resouce_packs folder and behavior packs in behavior_packs folders.

Resources and Behavior Packs

That is it. You can see it is quite easy to reach the save folder of Minecraft Windows 10 edition.

Some FAQs

Where are Minecraft save files located?

Minecraft Save files are located in the AppData folder of your Windows 10 system. This is the folder where all app data of Microsoft Store’s apps is stored. We have discussed how to reach there in this guide.

Can you go back to a previous save in Minecraft?

NO. The save files in Minecraft do not contain information to restore it to a previous state, nor does it automatically generate backups.

Does Minecraft save automatically?

YES. Minecraft servers automatically save your game at every 5 minutes, so that changes to your world can be recovered in case of a game crash or system crash.

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