Microsoft Wants Windows 10 On Billions Of Devices

Now, Microsoft is a company that either talks in millions of billions. In the case of Windows 10, the software titan is aiming for the former, aiming mighty big.

Kevin Turner usually works behind the scenes, but he took the stage at the recently concluded Credit Suisse Technology Conference last week. And gradually disclose plans for the upcoming operating system in order to stir interest ahead of release next year.

The Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft said that the company was very optimistic about the chances of the new OS, and wants the new platform to target devices with all manner of form factors.

From the good old desktop to tablets and mobiles, consoles and the Internet of Things.

He told the audience that the number one objective at Redmond is to get Windows 10 on billions of devices, and not aim it exclusively at the desktop:

“There are many, many changes that we’ve put into this particular OS to make it the best one we’ve ever done. And our goal is to have Windows 10 run across billions of devices. And being able to tap into that entire ecosystem from Internet of Things all the way up, as I said, to the TV is an important element and an important opportunity for us.”

A refine reiteration of what we’ve heard before, but there you go!

Turner projected the Windows 10 debut in late summer 2015, though it is not yet currently known whether the platform will launch on all platforms at once, or not. That’s probably the plan.

We’ll just have to see.

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