Microsoft Unleashes Windows 10 Build 15007 For PCs, Mobile

Two wholesome builds in a week? Color me impressed! Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 15007 to the Fast ring, making it available for users both on PCs and mobile.

This follows the feature rich build 15002 that came out at the start of the week.

And just like that version, this version of the Insider Preview brings along a whole range of new features and improvements to the platform. A detailed summary of which you can find below, as you get down to the business of downloading this version.

You are downloading this version, aren’t you?

As this announcement post confirms, we have received two, impressive back to back preview versions of Windows 10 for Insiders. And while the previous one was momentous in its scope and size, this latest release also brings along an array of enhancements.

For starters, Edge users can not only share the tabs they have set aside, but they also get the ability to import data from other web browsers when switching to this Windows 10 exclusive affair.

Download link management has been improved, making it possible for users to either run a download link without first saving it, while a Save As option has also been added to the existing Save link. Options that users have been asking from the start.

Some improvements to Web Notes are in store for you, too.

And Microsoft also highlighted themes that are coming to the OS soon.

Cortana can now help you pick up your work from where you left off, and display quick links in the Action Center for this purpose.

Speaking of which, the Action Center will now also display an inline progress bar for notifications, and Redmond plans to roll out this handy feature to Windows Store downloads too. This also has been a long time coming, and should actually have been there from the start.

The software titan also has some Windows Hello improvements for enrollment, and has added in new Bluetooth APIs for PC and mobile.

There are many other small and large features that have made the cut in build 15007, so be sure to check out the details at the link above, and take it for a spin if you are signed up for the Insider program.

5 thoughts on “Microsoft Unleashes Windows 10 Build 15007 For PCs, Mobile”

  1. Downloaded and installed completely and received green screen saying it failed. Tried build repair 3 time and still not working.

    • Geez, I just downloaded 15002 a few days ago, and now we’ve got another. Haven’t installed it yet; but if you have any 3rd party AV software installed, try uninstalling it first; then see if your download works. I’ll reply back with my experience. BTW: I see a lot of users posting about Edge. To me, Edge is still not at its peak, so I use Chrome with no issues or headaches.

  2. Did a clean install of 14986 and then updated, took just over an hour for the update. All seems okay but seems a little extreme, hopefully they will be able to solve these problems in the future.

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