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Microsoft Secure Blog Offers New Perspectives On Cybersecurity

  • July 26, 2016

Another day, another new blog from Microsoft. This time around the company has launched the Microsoft Secure Blog, which aims to cover everything one needs to know about security.

Well, almost everything.

The focus, as you may have gathered, is on security products and services that the Redmond based technology company provides. However, this new resource is expansive enough to cover general cybersecurity topics for enterprise and business users too.

Microsoft has opened up this new blog in light of the large amount of feedback it has received from its customers.

And when a company is spending almost $1 billion in research and development for security, a resource like this is pretty much mandatory.

The landing page has quick links that provide access to solutions for the prevention of identity theft, as well as security details of your cloud through apps and data. The blog also links to information about dependable devices.

As well as insights on how to safeguard resources in your data center infrastructure.

The content may be just a little light now, but it is certain that Microsoft will add more blog posts to this welcome new resource in the future.

So make sure you follow it for the latest perspectives on computing security.

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