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Microsoft Responds To Windows 10 Game DVR Criticism

  • October 18, 2016

Setting the record straight, pardon the pun! Microsoft has come under fire for the Windows 10 Game DVR feature, which was found to cause performance hits during gaming sessions.

For the uninitiated, this interesting feature in the OS allows gamers to record clips from any PC game at a solid 60 fps, and then share them on Xbox Live.

However, some PC gamers recently found out that it causes issues with the overall performance of the systems when gaming. And apparently, Microsoft is already aware of this problem, and published a blog post today to address these performance concerns.

According to Major Nelson of Xbox, Game DVR on the Xbox app only has two performance sensitive features, and these are background recording and the Game bar overlay.

The first one makes use of hardware encoding to optimize performance, and is actually off by default, so gamers should not worry about it too much. However, the Game bar overly that recently got support for full-screen games in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update can cause some performance hits.

And that is only in certain PC configurations.

Both these features can actually be easily deactivated in the Xbox app settings, for those that want no performance impact on their games.

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Nice to see Microsoft acknowledge this really quick, while also understanding that not all PC gamers will care about features like these.

Part of why the company is now actually allowing users to remove preinstalled apps on Windows 10, including the abovementioned Xbox app. At least, in the more recent Redstone 2 builds. And as for the Game DVR feature, well, the situation is clearer now.

Have you used the Game DVR feature on Windows 10? How was the experience?

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