Microsoft Puts An End To Advance Security Notifications

Well, this is unexpected! Microsoft have decided to stop releasing advanced security notifications before Update Tuesday patches, at least publicly. 2015 is off to fine start, then.

The company says that customers do no longer want these notifications.

Fair enough.

In case you’re not aware of these, the software titan posted security notifications in advance letting users and system administrators know which applications and platforms would be patched in the next Update Tuesday (formerly known as Patch Tuesday) rollout.

See an example here.

This handily useful practice started more than 10 years ago, when Microsoft officially introduced the Patch Tuesday program to help fix security issues and provide updates to its software solutions.

But user behavior has changed, says the company in a blog post:

“Rather than using ANS to help plan security update deployments, customers are increasingly turning to Microsoft Update and security update management tools such as Windows Server Update Service to help organize and prioritize deployment. Customers are also moving to cloud-based systems, which provide continuous updating.”

So basically people no longer want this information in advance.

Those that do have other channels available to them, which they can use to get information on the Update Tuesday releases that Redmond has lined up for them. This myBulletins paid service provides these details for each user based on the software that they have running on their computers.

While these advanced notifications were nothing major, they were still a good initiative.

And like most good things in life, they had to come to an end.

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  1. Those notification doesn’t provide enough info for IT admin to decide whether to upgrade or not. They basically will still wait for the patch and test it out anyway. The only losers I could think of are those bloggers who would post what MS patch Tuesday will fix.


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