Microsoft Office 2019 Features

1. Real-time collaboration​

With the release of Office 2016, real time collaboration was introduced in Word, OneNote and PowerPoint. It allowed users to work on same document together at the same time provided the file is stored in One Drive. In 2019 installment, Excel should get the same feature as it is already brought in Office 365 in July 2017.

How to collaborate on Excel 2019?

Click on the Share button on top right window which allows you to invite collaborator via email. Once they accept invitation, you both can start working together on the document. While working, each user is assigned with a color which would show up on the cell they have kept cursor on. This way, it is possible to see their activity realtime.

2. New Charts and Formulas​

In the announcement blog post, Microsoft official said that "New formulas and charts will make data analysis for Excel more powerful". However, it was not clear which formulas will be added up but Office 365 update gives us a clue.

  1. TEXTJOIN and CONCAT - They allow to combine text strings.
  2. IFS and SWITCH - They allow you to use series of nested IF function.
  3. MAXIFS and MINIFS - They make it easier to filter and calculate data in a number of different ways.

You can learn about these Excel commands on Office blog post.

That was all we could speculate about Formulas.

Talking about Charts, Excel 2019 is likely to see addition of Map chart. It allows you to compare data across different geographical regions, such as countries, regions, states, counties or postal codes.

Another addition would be Funnel chart, it shows various stages of a process. For example: Sales process could be seen as Cold calls, Lead acquisition, Prospecting, Quotation and Final sale.

3. Translator, Editor Pane and Researcher​

MS Word has been evolved for years to become a full baked product. So, you might that it's difficult to come up with any new features. However, not just one but you can expect three new features.

Translator: It does exactly what it says. Translate the content of document in different languages using Microsoft artificial intelligence which call as "Intelligent Services."

How to Translate?

  1. Select the words you would like to translate and right click on them.
  2. Choose "Translate" from the menu.
  3. If you are doing it for the first time, you will need to turn on Intelligent services.
  4. Select the language and the translation appears in the right pane.

You can copy the translated content to use in document or paste somewhere else.

It is possible to translate entire document just go to the Ribbon and select Review > Translate > Translate document.

Researcher: You can carry out research online right within the word without switching to web browser.

It is far more effective than conducting internet search because the feature uses only the information from reference materials and sources compiled by Microsoft Academic Search.

To use it, select References > Researcher, and the Researcher pane appears on the right side of the screen. Type in a search term at the top of the screen, and you’ll get a list of results.

Editor Pane: It replaces Spelling and Grammar pane adding new editing features.

Along with the misspelled or incorrect text highlight, you get suggestion text around it. It makes correction easier with just a click.

4. Auto Save

Considering the Auto-Recover feature is already built in MS Office 2016, auto-save feature might not seem impressive to users.

Using this feature, document changes will be saved automatically without performing any manual action. So, you need not worry about power failure, computer crash or any kind of mishap.

However, there is a catch: It will only work with the documents stored on OneDrive.

Auto-Recover is helpful only in case of unplanned power outage or crash. You may still lose work in case of planned shutdown or user logs off deliberately. Moreover, auto-recover doesn't save files with the same name so it is difficult to get back work.

Auto-Save feature also allows you to browse the revisions using the Version history. They are classified according to the date and time of saving.

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5. Morph, Zoom and Designer​

Morph: It lets you create animated transition between slides by moving things on previous slide to current slide. Feature is available under Transition tab.

To do morphing:

  1. Duplicate a Slide
  2. Move things around
  3. Apply Morph transition

Zoom: It lets you quickly zoom into content of another slide by clicking on thumb in current slide. This is helpful in linking sections of presentation by creating visual elements.

Designer: It is an artificial intelligence element which suggests suitable layout for the slide considering the content of the presentation.

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6. QuickStarter for PowerPoint

This feature builds an outline and help you with the research. Just type the topic of your presentation and you will get suggestions of complete set of slides. Data is fetched from Bing search as well as Wikipedia.

Artificial Intelligence is quite widely implemented in Office 2019 . However, don't expect accurate results on each and every topic with Quick Starter.

7. Inking Features

Touch screen device users can greatly benefit from this feature. Office 2019 will be bring features like Pressure sensitivity, Tilt effects and ink replay.

Along with that, you'll be able to edit documents in Word by using a pen — crossing out text to delete it, drawing a circle to select text and so on. Moreover, it includes variety of ink effects, including metallic pens and effects like rainbow, galaxy, lava, ocean, gold and silver.

Ink Replay feature plays back all the inking that was done on the page, from beginning to end.

Are these big changes?

As I already said, Office products have been developed for decades to become what they are now. All the necessary stuff you need are available in the current Microsoft Office 2016. However, it must be noted that the features listed above are the speculations and not official announcement by Microsoft.

Still, these little additions might prove to be a big time savers for some. What do you think about it?

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