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Microsoft Offers Tips To Get The Most Out Of New Windows 10 PCs

It’s that time of the year when many users open their Christmas and holiday presents and fire up their new Windows 10 PCs, and Microsoft is here with a convenient little list of tips to help them get started.

The company has, over the year, put together some excellent resources for users that go over the various features of the operating system — as they arrive.

And it has now listed them here so that users can get started or get the most out of their new PCs.

It all starts with the Get Started app, which is actually one of the most forgotten applications on Windows 10, truth be told. Redmond wants to make sure that users are aware of this handy little piece of software that guides them through.

You can access this by typing Get Started in the Cortana Search Box at the bottom of the desktop screen.

Additionally, the Welcome tab also directs you towards help topics, log in locations, Microsoft Edge and other quick navigation. The Browse Topics tab, meanwhile, also comes in useful.

Here’s the full list of blog posts, by the way:

Microsoft Details The Brand New Windows 10 Icons

Tons of information in the links above for users that need to get up to speed with the new and improved features in Windows 10. Plus, there’s a lot for experienced users too, to review.

Be sure to catch up with all this above.

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Hayden says December 28, 2016

Hahaha! Totally forgot about the Get Started app :))

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