Microsoft Edge Is Your Only Choice For 4K Netflix Streaming

For browsers, that is. 4K Netflix streaming has been a thing for a while now, but it is only recently that hardware and software support is arriving for this resource intensive task.

You are best with a seventh-generation Intel Kaby Lake processor, with a 4K enabled display, of course.

And a fat Internet pipe for the download bandwidth.

If you’ve got all that covered, then you are ready for show time — as long as you fire up Microsoft Edge on your Windows 10 device, that is. Because as Microsoft announced today, this new web browser is the only way to watch Netflix in 4K resolution.

Of course, there are dedicated devices, smart TVs and Blu-ray players that support 4K streaming through the Netflix app, but on the browser side of things, the world revolved around Edge currently.

And yes, Xbox One S is also included in this elite list.

You may recall that Microsoft ran a test this summer that revealed how Edge offered the best battery life while streaming video, among the four browsers. In fact, along with Internet Explorer and Safari, it was the only one that could stream 1080p.

So, Microsoft definitely has a forward-looking browser here with Edge.

Now, all we need is more Intel Kaby Lake devices on the PC front for people to be able to stream their content in this highest of video qualities.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Edge Is Your Only Choice For 4K Netflix Streaming”

  1. Finally, something Edge can be proud of. If they keep this up, Edge might just become that great browser Microsoft keeps saying it is.

    • Edge can get there but right now it’s not a top browser. Microsoft needs to invest much more time and attention into it before that happens.


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