Microsoft Edge Not Much Secure Than Internet Explorer

Run for the hills? Maybe not yet. Microsoft introduced Edge, their new web browser, as a replacement to the classically vintage Internet Explorer, even though the former was already available as an app.

A Modern UI or Metro, what have you, application, which arrived with Windows 8.

This was a decision based on a number of factors — mostly starting a new chapter, getting away from the disapproving vibes that users had for Internet Explorer, but also to offer a faster, more reliable experience and extra security.

Hold the mustard on that last bit, though.

A closer look at the security bulletins released by Microsoft shows that the two browsers share many of the same vulnerabilities, which could be a sign that the new browser is just as vulnerable as its predecessor.

At least, in some aspects.

Even a company spokesperson confirmed that these vulnerabilities exist in both browsers, Edge and IE, because they share part of the code, even if Edge comes with a completely new engine:

“Edge shares a universal code base across all form factors without the legacy add-on architecture of Internet Explorer. Designed from scratch, Microsoft does selectively share some code between Edge and Internet Explorer, where it makes sense to do so.”

At this point in time, it’s not clear how much of the code exists in both browsers, but this much is clear that both browsers could be impacted with the same vulnerabilities next month.

As for this month, Redmond rolled out MS15-124 and MS15-125 for Internet Explorer and Edge respectively to fix similar issues.

How similar?

Well, 15 vulnerabilities were made history in Internet Explorer, and 11 of them also existed in Edge.

Your say on this?

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Edge Not Much Secure Than Internet Explorer”

  1. I can’t believe that after all the backlash IE got in the last years Microsoft still uses part of the code for Edge! This is amazing to me! They want to get away from the bad publicity but they keep heading on the same road.

  2. Just another bad browser! Too bad because I was thinking they will do things differently with this one but it seems they just love their IE too much to leave it be. Going to use Chrome from now on.


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