Microsoft Details The Brand New Windows 10 Icons

It can perhaps be safely assumed that the up and down Windows 10 icons journey is finally coming to an end. Microsoft appears to have settled on a design, which a lot of users seem to like.

This new style of icons have been included in Windows 10 build 10130.

And they seem to be a stark departure from the icons implemented in build 9926, at laest when it comes to the overall design scheme — the early design suffered from months of criticism from the community due to their simplistic nature.

However, Redmond still says that they need the feedback from users for these new icons, and more changes could take place in future builds of the operating system.

This post explains that the new icon pack was designed to reflect the Microsoft design language, and brings together most of the redesigned elements across the OS, which leads to a consistent look for everything across Windows 10.

Build 10130 Icons Evolution

Not just that, these new icons, Microsoft says, are not only modern and lightweight but look very similar on both desktop and mobile devices:

“Feedback played a huge role in the current icon design refresh. In earlier preview builds, we heard our design was too flat and lacked richness. We’ve since iterated to deliver a balance between mono line style icons on mobile, and the three dimensional depth of desktop icons. The new icon set is familiar, yet fresh and usable.”

That being said, designing icons for an operating system is no easy task.

Microsoft, for example, went through several thousand icons before finalizing the look on desktop and mobile devices. And in the process the company explored several fields, including Swiss graphic design, Dutch product design and even modern architecture.

There is a distinct evolution in style, as can be seen from the image above.

And while these icons may not be final, they do add to the user interface of Windows 10, making the operating system look better. The software titan is collecting more feedback for these icons, and it will be interesting to see where that leads up to.

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  1. I like the “flat” icons. Who needs to waste computing power on pretty little 3D pictures. I always turn off all that gimmickry in the System Performance applet anyway. The only thing I keep is ClearType.

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