Microsoft Announces New Security Features For Windows 10

Microsoft has revealed that it intends to builds better security into all its products, confirming new security features for Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility and Security are coming soon.

The software titan announced this in its Ignite 2016 keynote today.

Top on the list is Windows Defender Application Guard, which promises to make Edge the most secure web browser for enterprise customers. This technology uses isolated containers that are built directly into the hardware, and they prevent malware from spreading beyond these containers.

Redmond has confirmed that Insiders will be getting this feature soon, while Windows 10 Enterprise users are set to get access to it in the first quarter of 2017.

Additionally, Windows Defender and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection will soon talk to each other, with both services sharing data with one another.

This should help IT professionals better assess and respond to threats.

Speaking of which Office 365 ATP will also receive major improvements, with the solution set to be expanded to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Users will see placeholder attachments, while the actual files will be scanner for threats in the meantime.

Microsoft also announced a new service, Enterprise Mobility and Security, which is designed to help businesses move to the cloud.

It comes with Microsoft Azure Information Protection that was first announced in June, and allows organizations the ability to classify and protect their data.

These are, obviously, enterprise focused improvements, but will go a long way in securing Microsoft’s modern operating platform in an increasingly hostile world when it comes to security and computing threats.

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  1. Isolated containers seems like the way to go to make sure malware doesn’t spread. It all sounds great on paper yet we’ll see how it applies to real life scenarios.

  2. Who cares if WDAG makes Edge the most secure browser? It first needs to be a real browser, without as many bugs and then we can talk about security.

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