Major Windows 10 Update Brings Dolby Digital Plus Codec

Microsoft have released a major new Windows 10 update, available for users that have deployed the recent build 10074, a version that was made available last week.

Right after the opening keynote of BUILD 2015.

With that milestone now behind us, and many users having deployed this version over the weekend, the company can now focus on fixing bugs and improving performance of this build — and it is doing exactly that right now.

It did not take long for a major update to arrive for build 10074, and this refresh brings along several improvements to address the problems reported by users over the past few days.

Conveniently titled Windows 10 Insider Preview update rollup for April 2015, it fixes the situation where some users could not bring up the Start Menu and Cortana. A bug apparently blocked these two key features from opening when clicking their icons in the taskbar.

Additionally, Windows Error Reporting data no longer remains in queue, and is correctly uploaded.

In terms of new features, multimedia enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the Dolby Digital Plus codec is now available for Windows 10. Often referred to as Enhanced AC3, this piece of technology is already available on Windows 8 and Windows RT.

And it is important, as it allows a 5.1 channel surround setup to be used across the entire operating system. As in, not just the desktop applications, but by Windows Store apps too.

Support for this code is now available, so if you want it, simply grab this update.

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