Kaspersky Will Not Support Windows 10 Insider Builds

While this is not exactly new information, the fact that antivirus and security vendors like Kaspersky are saying no to supporting Windows 10 Insider builds means that these users are left on their own.

These preview builds are coming hard and fast now.

With weekly releases on the Fast ring channel pretty much a norm.

However, as things stand, these are only protected by Windows Defender, which Microsoft actually classifies as baseline security. Few, if any antivirus program offers compatibility with these preview versions of the operating system.

And that has all got to do with the fact that these builds are not stable.

Microsoft actually responded to a query on its support forums, stating that:

“You likely won’t see a fully supported version of Kaspersky until Redstone reaches general availability, which is in the second half of this year. That’s if you don’t like it, its best you stick with a fully supported stable build such as the Windows 10 November Update.”

Similar sentiments are echoed by the company itself, with Kaspersky making clear that they have never supported beta builds or preview versions of any operating system — and the chances of this happening are extremely low.

Sure, Microsoft has warned about the risks of installing and using these preview builds on a regular, daily use basis, and only recommends deployment in a controlled environment like an older PC or a virtual machine.

However, that still does not deter from the fact that heavy Internet usage on these preview builds opens up the chances of malware infections from online sources.

Leaving millions of these users signed up for the Windows Insider Program and their data at risk.

At the very least, Microsoft should more clearly define that antivirus and security software, like Kaspersky here, will not support Insider builds and users should proceed with extra caution.

Particularly, those that are, for some reason, using these builds regularly.

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