Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Video Training Course

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Get Video Demonstration of all the new features of Fall Creators Update

Learn about the new features and visual improvements in latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Instructor introduces Fluent Design, which brings new visual aesthetics and interface controls to Windows 10.

He also reviews the additions to the Edge web browser, such as the Read aloud feature, which reads text on a webpage in a synthesized voice. For users of OneDrive in Windows 10, there is a new feature called Files On-Demand. This feature allows you to store files on OneDrive without taking up space on your computer's local drive. Plus, learn how to use the new Video Remix feature to quickly create dynamic videos from your photo collection.

Finally, Instructor reviews some new options that allow you to take control of personal data in Cortana.

Separate Video for each Important Feature

Learn What is New and How to use it

Concise explanation about the Updates

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"Well Explained.."

Videos were helpful in learning what, where and how about the new features.

I am not a tech-savvy person and hence avoided upgrading to another version but the new features coming in Fall Creators were useful so I went ahead. Thanks WindowsChimp!

I had purchased their Creators Update videos too so this one was no-brainer for me.

Helene Moore Dallas, TX

Worth more than the Price!

I am amazed how come WindowsChimp is offering such valuable stuff at such a price.

Totally worth watching them before using the new upgrade.


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This is a limited time offer for WindowsChimp subscribers only.

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Waiting to see you on board and hope you find the video series useful.

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