Is Windows 10 Secure?

After Microsoft launched Windows 10, they tried to give us a more secures version of Windows. With new tools and features, Windows 10 is the easiest and secure to use. But the question is that, Is Windows 10 safe enough?

I mean it’s secured than before but can it provide security from hackers? Well, let’s find it out!

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Windows 10 Enhanced Security Features

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1. Picture Passwords and PINs

Windows 10 didn’t get rid of the password protection, but it did add some more security to sign in. So, if you are bored and want to take a step back in, then just use a PIN instead. You can even use a picture password.

PINs may not be the most secure option for you. But a picture password can be a good security option. All you have to do is create a series of straight line or circles or tap to certain places of the picture.

It will work too even if you don’t have a touchscreen and can quickly use your mouse to click or drag. You can also use your selected photos instead of Windows 10 stock photos. Though it could be hard at first, it can be the best protection you can ever have.

Picture Password - Is Windows 10 Secured

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2. Better SmartScreen

Though if you use Firefox or Chrome, you had this protection without any extra fuss. What a SmartScreen does is that it helps you to drop by at a dangerous website accidentally. But Microsoft has extended this feature in the new Edge web browser.

But it’s not limited to the browser only. So, from now on if you download files from any service like Dropbox, you’ll get a notification whether it’s a threat or not. It will stop the downloading if it finds any risks in the files.

SmartScreen - Windows 10 Security Features

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3. Windows Defender

Though SmartScreen was impressive, it doesn’t have the full package. And this is where Windows Defender hops right in. Windows 10 has the new and improved Windows Defender for your protection 24/7.

So, right after installing Windows 10, your PC will be under full protection. But if you install another anti-virus software it will disable itself quietly.

The good thing is that if for some reason your antivirus software stops protecting your PC Windows Defender will automatically start and provide protection for you. The protection level is medium, and it’s always updating itself.

But it’s better than none, right? It can detect the right amount of threats but not the extreme sly ones. Hackers have stated that Windows 10 is tough to hack nowadays with all the new creator’s update.

Windows Defender - Is Windows 10 Secure

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4. Better Patching

Windows 10 will continuously poke you for updating the system. And that’s the best thing. Though you might find it a bit annoying but constant updates help filling up the holes that hacker may use to breach your privacy.

It’s a great way to be secured all the time. Though, it may provide decent level protection but better than nothing, right?

Better Patching in Windows 10

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5. Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

For better security, you can try Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET). Well, it’s a free security utility made to make your system bulletproof for that matter. No internet exploits can take you down now!

It’s designed to detect harmful malware designed to target the security holes in your system. All it does that it prevents the malware from entering your system giving you overall protection along with Windows Defender and SmartScreen.

Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)

6. Windows Store: No more Unwanted Software

There is much application that comes with extra adware software. Those are annoying, and you never know when some spyware might get slipped into your PC. Spyware’s may steal your sensitive information.

You would see much popular software’s coming with additional unnecessary software. But you can avoid these by just downloading from Windows store. Windows store excludes this other software.

So, you don’t need to worry about any unwanted software.

Windows Store - Windows 10 Security Features

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7. Improved Firewall

The Windows Firewall is effective in Windows 10. Microsoft has taken this to another high level. With this, you can make rules for incoming and outgoing connections.

So, if you don’t want a particular application to connect to the internet, then you can easily restrict them. It provides excellent security for all your applications. So, you won’t have to worry about the leakage of any personal information.

Firewall - Windows 10 Security Features

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8. Fast Recovery

If some of the files get corrupted for some reason, and you can’t get rid of them in any sense, then just use the fast recovery instead. The fast recovery gives you the option of Reset this PC and using that you can install Windows 10 again.

You’ll get the option of keeping your files or a full reset where every software and data will stay on PC. It’s a great feature. As you can reinstall Windows as many times you want.

Recovery - Is Windows 10 Secure

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9. New Secured Windows 10: Creators Update

The latest Creators Update for Windows 10 brought quite a lot of improvements. They made massive security and privacy tweaks. One of them is adding more protection to Edge browser. So, even if some malware hijacked Edge, it won’t be able to get out it and infect your whole PC.

And, that’s great, right?

The new and improved Windows Defender or should I say Windows Defender Security Center has all that you need. Well, it’s a combination of Windows Firewall, browser control, family safety settings and health reports. So, you’ll know about any issue in your PC from one place.

Creators Update brought up another exciting locking feature new and improved. It’s called Dynamic Lock, and it will automatically lock your PC whenever you are not around.

Dynamic Lock - Is Windows 10 Secure

So, how will it know that I am not around? Simple, you just have to pair a Bluetooth device that you always have on you, and when that is out of range, Your PC will get locked.

Though it has a slight problem as it takes 10 seconds to detect and lock your PC, so if someone intercepts that in between, your PC will not get locked and you know what happens after that. Better to lock it up using Windows Key + L.

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Wrapping Things Up

Well, Windows 10 has upgraded itself to a great extent. With all the upgraded defender, firewall, SmartScreen it has indeed evolved. But like other OS it has flaws too! I would say windows 10 is quite secure with regular updates.

Though still, it needs more security to tackle any situation. If you use Defender and couple it with another powerful anti-malware tool, then it’s pretty invincible.

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  1. Satya Nadella promised us the most secure Windows 10 ever and he is a man of his word. I think the acquiring of Hexadite an Israeli firm was really effective. The Company was set up by three Ex Army Technicians and Israel have the very best as in the Everton motto NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM People argue a lot of these innovations are for Enterprise but don’t realise it filters down through the System. Just use Windows Security and add Malwarebytes Free as a double check once a week. That plus common sense and you should be fine


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